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Further growth as a comprehensive digital marketing company

While the economy stagnated with the COVID pandemic that began in 2019, DX (digital transformation) accelerated in all areas of society. With this, DAC’s role as a comprehensive digital marketing company has expanded. We have steadily grown with a focus on online advertising and have now broadened our business realm to include data businesses and solutions development in line with digital technology’s growing pervasiveness in society. We develop, implement and operate technologies with proven expertise to provide real value to the companies we serve.

DAC’s most important role is to work closely with client companies and media to support their business growth. Our desire to be partners with our customers is part of our culture as a member of the Hakuhodo DY Group. Our second most important role is to deliver real value to sei-katsu-sha – a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers.” In a digital world with a mix of both good and bad, we strive to create safe and reliable data marketing systems so that sei-katsu-sha receive only the types of information they truly need and want.

To combat a shortage of human resources with digital expertise, DAC has long implemented an internal HR development system and actively recruited local personnel to create an environment where talented people can flourish. We believe that maximizing the potential of our 4,000 group employees will help double the strength of DAC. With the power of people and digital technology, we will continue to contribute to companies, sei-katsu-sha and society.

Yuzo Tanaka
President, Executive Officer,
CEO & CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
D.A.Consortium Inc.


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