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2017年12月 11日
DAC and HAKUHODO i-studio form the project team “#SHAKER” to support content marketing

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

DAC and HAKUHODO i-studio form the project team “#SHAKER” to support content marketing

Tokyo, December 11, 2017 ---D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. are pleased to announce the formation of the project team #SHAKER to provide one-stop support with all aspects of content marketing, from developing new customers to nurturing existing clientele.

Through this initiative the two companies will establish branding techniques in the content marketing field and, as that market grows, they will help clients solve their challenges and media companies find new sources of revenue.

Marketing channels have multiplied with the evolution of the digital market, and demand for new forms of communication such as content marketing is on the rise; hence the growing interest in content-centered promotional techniques leveraging media tie-ups, influencers, and online video.

#SHAKER is a content marketing support team formed by DAC and HAKUHODO i-studio to help clients solve their challenges and media companies establish new sources of revenue. DAC will select the optimum media channels from its extensive media network and handle buying, dissemination, and data linkage with the data management platform (DMP) AudienceOne (*1). HAKUHODO i-studio will draw on its impressive creative and analytical skills to develop content that interests and resonates with the target audience, optimize media strategy, and evaluate outcomes.

The team will offer end-to-end, one-stop support with all aspects of content marketing: not only content development but also disseminating content, designing KPIs, selecting a target audience, analyzing insights, setting content policy, selecting media, ad trafficking and CRM, data analytics, and improving content.

[Services offered by #SHAKER]

(1) Media-coordinated content development
• Developing content and selecting media with a customized message for each target audience • Developing media content in the form of articles and original programming
• Developing corporate tie-ups in online media
• Organizing interactive content-related events that convert customers and improve favorability

(2) Disseminating content and creating buzz
• Video promotions and campaigns featuring influencers
• Promotions and buzz creation that drive people to content by leveraging social media
• Development of buzzworthy products well suited to branding
• Integrated online and magazine promotions tied in with content

(3) Managing the PDCA cycle with the DMP AudienceOne
• Leveraging data for content planning and evaluation of outcomes
• Finding new target audiences and optimizing relationship building
• Leveraging activated data for message development and ad delivery

#SHAKER will work on solving clients’ challenges while helping media companies establish new sources of revenue by tapping their existing assets for content marketing purposes.

(*1)AudienceOne® is Japan’s largest Data Management Platform (DMP) with 480M unique browser cookies, 90M mobile ad IDs and 1 trillion data points to provide high-definition third party data through analysis. AudienceOne integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users.


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■ D.A.Consortium Inc.

Representative :Masaya Shimada, President&CEO
Head Office :Yebisu GardenPlace Tower 33F, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established :December 1996

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■ HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

Representative:Seiichi Hirabayashi, President & CEO
Head Office:Yurakucho Building 5F, 1-10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established:June 2000

:Interactive and creative projects, systems development, CRM

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