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2019年04月 18日
Torchlight certified as Creative Platform Facebook Marketing Partner

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
Torchlight Inc.

Torchlight certified as Creative Platform Facebook Marketing Partner
in addition to being an AdTech Facebook Marketing Partner

Tokyo, April 18, 2019 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that its consolidated subsidiary Torchlight Inc. has been badged as Facebook Marketing Partner for Creative Platform by Facebook.

Torchlight has been badged as AdTech Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) for both Facebook and Instagram since October 2015, and as of today, it also attained the Creative Platform Facebook Marketing Partner Badge (CPP). Torchlight is among the first few leading FMPs with both these credentials.

“QuickVideo powered by Shera (QuickVideo)”is the solution that has been certified for the CPP badge. Torchlight started offering QuickVIdeo service since Jun, 2018 and have since used it for many in-house as well as Group company client campaigns achieving results such as CTR 145% and CPA reduction by 30% in some instances.

Torchlight strives to continue research and development work to continue innovating and enhancement on both “Sherpa for Ads” to improve ads performance as AdTech FMP, as well as “QuickVideo” to deliver more Creative efficiency as Creative Platform FMP.

■About Creative Platform
Focus of ads creative are changing from picture to video, target device for ads are moving PC to mobile, advertisers need to prepare ads creative to fit ads platform like Facebook/Instagram. In such situation, needs for the Creative Platform are getting higher which can supply best ads creative timely. On Facebook, due importance of such needs for Creative Platform, CPP have been categorized for Facebook Marketing Partners.

■About QuickVideo
There is a need to prepare and use best video creative for advertising on Facebook / Instagram. In order to deliver best video creative for every campaign, there is a need for efficiency while taking into consider effort and costs. ”QuickVideo” is a “Ads creative enhancement solution” to solve such creative issues for advertisersor agency. Instead of creating video from scratch, QuickVideo is able to deliver best video creative optimized for each platform from existing pictures or videos. QuickVideo has 9 solution menu, including: Conversion to vertical video for Instagram Stories, Customize CTA button for navigation to site, etc. All these aim to achieve best creative in the most efficient and timely fashion for advertisers in matter of minutes. With learning from 4000 business accounts as an Adtech FMP, Torchlight is able to tap into rich data and propose best format to its clients.

■About Facebook Marketing Partners
“Facebook Marketing Partners” is partner program of Facebook and certified to the companies which has strong marketing skills for Facebook. Categorized each specialty and selected and badged by Facebook to companies which has advanced technologies for each category.Companies are selected as “Facebook Marketing Partners” are listed on partner directory by Facebook and introduced to worldwide business.


<Corporate Information>
■ D.A.Consortium Inc.
D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is a leader in the online advertising industry. Established in 1996 as a media rep during the early days of online advertising, DAC has played a key role in the market’s formation and the industry’s growth. Currently, DAC offers a wide variety of advertising-related digital marketing services both domestically and abroad.
DAC provides seamless services to publishers, ad agencies and other partner companies by offering comprehensive support for ad transaction related services, from purchasing and selling ad space to consultation, planning, operations and results analysis. The company is also engaged in creative production that maximizes the media’s characteristics, the development and provision of solutions that bridge a wealth of data with advanced technology, the support of global promotions and other services.
Under the brand slogan, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will pursue and lead the future of marketing through innovations that create new businesses.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, President & CEO
 Head Office :Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :December 1996

:Online media transaction related business, Solution business,
Ad Operations Business

Torchlight Inc.

 Representative :Takeshi Yabuki, President & CEO
 Head Office :Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :October 2008

:Advertising agency; Sherpa advertising platform, Gigya (Resale)

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