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2019年09月 10日
In a first for a Japanese operator, DAC and P1 support IAB Tech Lab technical standards to reinforce ad fraud countermeasures~YIELDONE to support “SupplyChain object” and “sellers.json”~

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
Platform One Inc.

In a first for a Japanese operator,
DAC and P1 support IAB Tech Lab technical standards
to reinforce ad fraud countermeasures
~YIELDONE to support “SupplyChain object” and “sellers.json”~

Tokyo, September 10, 2019 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and its wholly owned subsidiary Platform One Inc. (P1) are pleased to announce that YIELDONE, a supply-side platform (SSP) that the two companies jointly developed to enhance transparency in online advertising, will support IAB Tech Lab’s SupplyChain object and sellers.json(*1), two global technical standards released in July 2019 to combat ad fraud. DAC and P1 are the first Japanese operators to support these standards.


In recent years, there has been a growing number of malicious operators among SSPs, ad networks, etc. falsifying site domain information to fraudulently represent domains and charge ad fees because of a lack of methods to confirm all ad transaction channels in programmatic ads, a mainstream in digital advertising.

Transactions related to programmatic ads have become increasingly complex with numerous players involved between media companies and advertisers or ad agencies. While ads.txt(*2) is one method to confirm transparency of ad transactions, because it cannot be used to check intermediaries in a transaction, malicious intermediate operators often go undetected.


DAC and P1 have worked together on numerous initiatives to combat ad fraud, including supporting ads.txt and promoting it nationwide in Japan. To respond to newly emerging problems and enhance its ad fraud countermeasures, the two companies have decided to add IAB Tech Lab’s technical specifications, SupplyChain object and sellers.json, to its SSP YIELDONE.

SupplyChain object comprehensively records all media companies and operators (SSP, ad networks, etc.) involved in a particular ad transaction. Advertisers and ad agencies (DSP) that want to purchase ad space can look at the SupplyChain object-embedded bid request(*3) to check the histories of all parties (including intermediate operators) involved in the transaction chain from beginning to end.

In addition, sellers.json is a file that publishes information about authorized suppliers (media companies, operators) in JSON file format(*4). By accessing this publicly available file, advertisers and ad agencies are able to determine the identity of not only the direct supplier but also trace all parties involved in the transaction in sequential order.

With the addition of these two technical specifications to ads.txt, advertisers and ad agencies can check against SupplyChai object (nwhich gives histories of all parties involved in a particular transaction), sellers.json (which lists authorized suppliers) and ads.txt (which lists ad sales operators authorized as distributors by media companies). This will enable advertisers and ad agencies to confirm the entire transaction chain, including intermediary transactions that until now were difficult to uncover, and detect unauthorized transactions.

With the adoption of SupplyChain object, sellers.json and ads.txt by all parties related to ad transactions, it will become possible to determine whether or not transactions are legitimate. This transparency cannot be secured by one operator acting alone but must be done as a comprehensive effort with all parties taking measures to counter fraudulent activities. Eventually, this will result in greater trustworthiness of the entire supply chain in digital advertising.

DAC and P1 will continue to lead the industry in its efforts to combat ad fraud and other performance-based advertising problems to contribute to the health and development of the digital advertising market. Furthermore, to rapidly respond to the diverse needs of advertisers, ad agencies and media companies, to better support profitability and to improve and enhance

services, DAC and P1 will collaborate with IAB Tech Lab and others to incorporate the latest global standards and technologies into its SSP YIELDONE and DSP MarketOne®.


(*2)A text file that indicates operators who have been authorized by media companies to sell ads. Advertisers or ad agencies (DSP) who want to buy ad space of a particular media company can check the name of the operatorthey are dealing with against the list in ads.txt to determine whether or not it is a legitimate transaction. An IAB technical standard.

September 8, 2017 news release: YIELDONE SSP to support ads.txt setting for media companies (Japanese)

December 5, 2017: “The DSP MarketOne®” to support ads.txt-based ad bidding with the goal of increasing transparency of programmatic advertising

(*3)A request sent from an SSP to a DSP (Bid Request). Includes information necessary for a DSP to make decisions about bids, such as ad space, user, etc.

(*4)JSON is an abbreviation for JavaScript Object Notation and is a text-based data file much like XML or others.


<IAB Tech Lab>

Founded by the U.S. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), IAB Tech Lab is an international research and development consortium charged with producing and implementing global technology standards in the digital media and digital advertising industry.

Comprised of advertisers, ad agencies, media companies, technology vendors, and other leading global enterprises in the digital marketing field, IAB Tech Lab aims to solve problems in digital advertising and digital marketing and bring technological innovation to the industry by hosting foundational discussions and examinations of common problems and sharing knowledge.

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