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2019年11月 19日
DAC launches a creative package for TikTok

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC launches a creative package for TikTok
~jointly produced with RERAISE, an expert group embraced by popular TikTokers ~

Tokyo, November 19, 2019 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC), is pleased to announce the introduction of a service that allows users to produce creative content, from planning and casting to distribution, for the short movie platform TikTok. This service will enable creative production optimal to TikTok media characteristics and content culture and will be provided jointly with RERAISE Inc. (RERAISE), an influencer production company primarily targeting TikTokers.

In recent years, companies have an increased need for influencer marketing where influencers with a strong media presence, particularly on SNS, are utilized to advertise or promote products or services. While effective for disseminating information and creating buzz for branding and sales promotion, influencer marketing presents certain challenges, such as difficulties in measuring effect on a regular basis or developing effective creative.

DAC’s new creative package service offered in collaboration with RERAISE enables comprehensive production of creative for TikTok influencer marketing, which has seen a rapid increase in popularity. Specifically, the “#Challenge” TikTok Ads menu provides a full range of services, such as content proposals, plans, TikToker casting, video posts production and distribution. In line with advertiser company wishes, the service can also be used to involve TikTokers in the planning stages as well as produce music and choreography. Furthermore, DAC can manage the account so that the service is effectively utilized in an ongoing rather than a one-time basis by companies with many followers.

With this new service, advertiser companies are able to develop creative optimized for TikTok for more effective influencer marketing.

DAC will work to improve this new service package, such as by further expanding its report capabilities using NeoReach(*1), which DAC offers in Japan.

To reinforce its ability to respond to the diversification of influencer marketing, DAC will lead the industry by actively working in all areas of the market to contribute to the healthy expansion and development of influencer marketing.

(*1)November 12, 2019 release: DAC supports the Japan market entry of US firm NeoReach as strategic partner (Japanese)



RERAISE was established in March 2018 as an influencer production company and is the leading TikTok expert group in Japan. With operations in such areas as the mobile short movie platform TikTok, which has grown rapidly in recent years, the company manages popular influencers called TikTokers, discovers and nurtures creators for TikTok’s MCN (multi-channel network), and does creative, such as planning and producing popular TikTok content.

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is a leader in the online advertising industry. Established in 1996 as a media rep during the early days of online advertising, DAC has played a key role in the market’s formation and the industry’s growth. Currently, DAC offers a wide variety of advertising-related digital marketing services both domestically and abroad.
DAC provides seamless services to publishers, ad agencies and other partner companies by offering comprehensive support for ad transaction related services, from purchasing and selling ad space to consultation, planning, operations and results analysis. The company is also engaged in creative production that maximizes the media’s characteristics, the development and provision of solutions that bridge a wealth of data with advanced technology, the support of global promotions and other services.
Under the brand slogan, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will pursue and lead the future of marketing through innovations that create new businesses.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, President & CEO
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 Established :December 1996

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