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2020年11月 04日
New logo for DAC’s DialogOne® unveiled

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

New logo for DAC’s DialogOne® unveiled
~Revamped data infrastructure and new functions to follow soon~

Tokyo, November 4, 2020--- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to unveil the new logo for DialogOne® (*1), a solution developed and provided by DAC. Currently, the data infrastructure is also being revamped and new functions will be added regularly.

DialogOne® is a messaging management solution developed and provided by DAC that delivers messages tailored to each user by bridging customer information owned by companies with user account information owned by LINE and other social media sites. DAC is continuously working to improve the functions and services of its in-house developed solutions and following the introduction of a new logo design and functions of AudienceOne® in February 2020, is now unveiling a new logo for DialogOne® as well.

Since its introduction in 2014, DialogOne® has been adopted by numerous companies in a wide range of industries thanks to its ability to support one-to-one communication between companies and its users. In recognition of its ongoing efforts to enhance functions and its wealth of achievements, LINE awarded DAC the highest ranked Diamond (*2) Technology Partner in the communications category for the sixth consecutive year and four certification badges(*3), the most for any one company.

In addition to a new logo design, DialogOne® is revamping its data infrastructure to better respond to corporate needs and further enhance message delivery-related functions. Specifically, in addition to a variety of currently offered campaign functions, such as the mileage function, receipt campaign function, instant-win function, introduce-a-friend campaign function and others, the following new functions will be offered soon.

Functions to be offered soon
1) New functions related to interactive surveys
For surveys that can be completed within a chat, a new function that selects the next question or sends a “survey complete” message depending on the user’s response will be added. With this, recommended products that match the user’s needs or likes can be displayed or the number of questions can be changed to reduce user burden.

2) New functions related to delivery
For systems settings, it will be possible to simply input replacement codes within the delivered content on the management screen. This will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to create the settings necessary for the bulk delivery of unique content to users who participate in surveys or campaigns.
The timetable for and further details about new function offerings will be displayed on the DialogOne® management screen.

DAC will continue to actively develop and expand new DialogOne® services and functions to enhance its solutions that support client companies’ marketing efforts.

(*1)For details about DialogOne® (Japanese)
(*2)News release of February 27, 2020 : DAC awarded 6th consecutive highest Diamond status under the LINE Biz Partner Program
(*3)News release of March 12, 2020 : DAC Group wins five certification badges as a Technology Partner under the LINE Biz Partner Program


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DAC provides seamless services to publishers, ad agencies and other partner companies by offering comprehensive support for ad transaction related services, from purchasing and selling ad space to consultation, planning, operations and results analysis. The company is also engaged in creative production that maximizes the media’s characteristics, the development and provision of solutions that bridge a wealth of data with advanced technology, the support of global promotions and other services.
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