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2021年06月 02日
DAC develops an integrated solution that manages and analyzes corporate SNS official account followers

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC develops an integrated solution that manages and analyzes
corporate SNS official account followers
~Begins offering DialogOne® Insight service for LINE official accounts~

Tokyo, June 2, 2021 – D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has developed an integrated solution that manages and analyzes data related to followers of corporate SNS official accounts. With this solution, companies can utilize and analyze a wide range of user-permitted follower data for more effective CRM. As the first installment of this service, DAC will link the solution with the messaging management solution DialogOne®(*1) to begin offering DialogOne® Insight, a service for LINE official accounts.

■Solution utilization schematic

With increasing concerns about information security and privacy protection, many new technologies and legal regulations that limit the use of user data for corporate marketing activities have emerged.

Data related to followers of corporate SNS official accounts (hereinafter, follower data) is highly suitable for use in corporate marketing activities both in terms of the high volume of identifier information and the ability to obtain follower permission for the use of their data. Effective use of follower data benefits both companies and sei-katsu-sha – a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and reams, not simply “consumers” – because behavioral data optimizes the types of information sei-katsu-sha receive from the companies they follow.

DAC, which has long focused on follower data, has been developing solutions that form the foundation of effective customer data management and analysis. DialogOne® Insight, a service for LINE official accounts that is linked with the messaging management solution DialogOne®, will be offered as the first installment.

■DialogOneⓇ Insight overview 
DialogOne Insight, a newly developed service separate from DialogOne, manages and analyzes LINE official account users who are friends. With a unique UI that incorporates the BI and analytics platform Looker(*2), DialogOne Insight features pre-set formats to visualize analysis indices and other data necessary to operate LINE official accounts. This allows companies to manage, analyze and utilize follower data in an integrated manner without having to build a costly and time-consuming CDP (customer data platform).

1.A special analysis screen tailored to manage LINE official accounts
DialogOne® Insight analyzes demographics, level of loyalty as well as reasons for withdrawing based on a wide range of data within the account. Depending on how the ad initiative is designed, it can also conduct advanced analyses using data related to store visits and purchases. DialogOne® Insight has numerous templates specifically designed to analyze users who have become friends of LINE official accounts. This supports the discovery of segments and the better understanding of customers, areas that until now, were difficult to determine due to communication design.

2.Full-fledged customer management and analysis based on links with CRM data

In addition to data obtained within the LINE official account, DialogOne® Insight can link ID-linked(*3) user data with CRM data managed by the advertiser company to conduct customer analyses and link analysis results with the advertiser company’s CRM system.

3.Full support, from analysis to the improvement of communication initiatives
After implementing DialogOne® Insight, companies will continue to receive comprehensive support from DAC to implement their communication initiatives. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, DAC account managers support client companies in their analysis of follower data and optimization of communication efforts(*4). Through the development and provision of DialogOne since 2014, DAC has supported one-to-one communication between companies that use LINE and their customers. Among its many achievements, DAC won the Outstanding Performance Prize in the LINE Planning Contest 2021 and has been certified as a Planning Partner(*5).

DAC plans to expand the use of this newly developed solution to social platforms other than LINE. By promoting the utilization of follower data, DAC will continue to strive to enhance its solutions and support client companies in their digital marketing activities.

(*1)DialogOne® is a LINE-compatible messaging management solution that bridges advertiser company customer information with social account information to enable high-precision message delivery over social accounts that are tailored to each user for one-to-one communication. (Japanese)
(*2) Looker is a trademark of Google LLC. For details, please refer to the official website:
(*3) Utilizes an identifier called UID, which is given to each follower of an LINE official account.
(*4) DAC’s SNS consulting service: (Japanese)
(*5) News release of February 22, 2021 : DAC is certified a Planning Partner as part of the LINE Biz Partner Program


Corporate Information
■ D.A.Consortium Inc.
Since its establishment in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC is leading the industry in market formation and growth as it steadily expands its operations with the digital transformation of information and lifestyles.

Currently, DAC operates advertising and marketing businesses centered on digital technology both in Japan and overseas. The company provides comprehensive support, from consulting and planning to ad space purchasing, selling, management and results analysis. With a firm understanding of the characteristics of different media, DAC also produces creative, develops and provides solutions that bridge its wealth of data with advanced technologies, and supports global promotional initiatives.

With the mission, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will continue to be at the forefront in creating new forms of advertising and marketing and providing new value to society.

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