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As a media representative that specializes in online advertisements, we support the whole online advertising process from purchasing and selling advertising space, media planning, manuscript management, and to submitting reports serving for the advertisers, ad agencies, and the publishers.

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Variation of Advertisement business

Online advertising has evolved to fill in diversified needs from conventional business,oriented in selling and buying ad space.
DAC group is actively taking new approaches to provide best match solutions to customers.

Reservation type Ad space for various websites is reserved in advance, based on conditions such as ad period and number of impressions. Rich and diverse ad content such as video clips and interactives that have increased in the recent years, are used in advertisements, which is effective in enhancing company recognition and credibility. In addition to the existing ad styles such as official mascots on social media, and the conventional tie-up ads, new advertising methods such as native advertising, which enhance recognition in a natural manner, have emerged.
DAC offers solutions by Torchlight Inc. - consultation for social media advertising, UNITED, Inc. - smart device advertising, HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. ad content with rich expressions.
Programmatic type In programmatic transactions, advertisement delivery is made more effective by using big data, accumulated through the marketing activities of companies, and operating through platforms. This type of media includes Search Advertising, RTB (Real Time Bidding) and Display Network (advertisement delivery to targeted users). With its ability to operate automatically and optimizing the process of targeting data usage, its market has rapidly expanded in recent years with further growth expectation. Although it is automated, it is still necessary maximize impact by displaying creative content targeting user attributes and usage history. DAC offers trading desk services, covering a comprehensive range of areas in online marketing from strategy design to operation and reporting, and provides Data Management Platforms (DMPs) which store and utilize data. DAC’s group company IREP Co., Ltd. has the leading track record in this market. Platform One Inc. and UNITED, Inc. also handle RTB transactions.


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