What is FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X) ?

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FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X) is our next generation ad serving platform that provides quality support to online publishers and helps steer business strategies and operations.

Features of FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X)

Trusted System More than 350 major online publishers use FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X) that serves over 36 billion impressions per month. Both ASP and enterprise services are available depending on the volume of ad impressions.
Wealth of Features in Ad Serving and Reporting FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X) offers a wide variety of ad serving features for various ad placements, including creative optimization, flexible serving control, revenue optimization and so on. DAC is experienced in customizing FlexOne® ELEPHANT (iPS-X) when being adopted by publishers, enabling to offer reporting features that brings operational efficiency.
Dedicated Support Team We have a skilled support team that is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. They help with daily operations, including ad placement development and ad serving set up.


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