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2021年03月 04日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, DAC and Twitter Japan conduct joint study of Twitter ad volume, user chat volume and purchasing rates

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Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
D.A.Consortium Inc.

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, DAC and Twitter Japan conduct joint study
of Twitter ad volume, user chat volume and purchasing rates
~for data and insight on company digital advertising activities~

Tokyo, March 4, 2021--- Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners) and D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) are pleased to announce that it worked with Twitter Japan to study the correlation between Twitter ad placement volume, user conversation volume and purchasing rates. The survey is part of Planning Bird, one of the initiatives of Brand Bird(*), a joint project with Twitter Japan.

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC have long been interested in whether or not Twitter chats about an advertiser’s brand have a positive impact on product purchasing. To determine this, we asked Intage Inc. to conduct an independent survey of four consumer goods manufacturers in the food, beverage and other industries to measure the correlation between Twitter ad placement volume and user chat volume with purchasing rates of the advertiser’s services and products. The results of the survey indicate that there is a positive correlation between Twitter ad volume and chat volume with purchasing rates. These findings will help support more effective planning of Twitter chat initiatives.

Based on these survey results, both DAC and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will provide comprehensive planning, operation and creative proposals that promote an increase in Twitter chats about the brand so that companies utilizing Twitter for marketing can see improved purchasing rates.

Furthermore, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC will bring together the data and findings of this independent survey with its solutions and work jointly with Twitter Japan to support the marketing activities of our client companies.

※Brand Bird is a service comprised of the following three projects:

1.Creative Bird
Creative Bird brings together Twitter Japan’s communication development division Twitter Next and Hakuhodo DY Group’s creative division to develop and propose comprehensive Twitter communication methods beyond just advertising that promote user chats about the brand and serve as the basis for proposals to advertisers.

2.Contents Bird
Contents Bird links video content owned by Hakuhodo DY Group and other content holders with Amplify Sponsorship, Twitter’s video ad menu, to develop new types of video ad sponsorship menus that arouse interest among sei-katsu-sha (a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”) while taking into consideration brand safety issues. This, in turn, helps raise brand awareness and brand understanding.

3.Planning Bird
Planning Bird analyzes and studies user chat volume and other data related to Twitter chats about the advertiser’s brand to effectively verify the effect of advertiser initiatives and enable planning based on promotional effect indices of user chat volume and content. These unique evaluation indices, which are not available on other platforms, support the development of proposals that maximize Twitter value.


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