What is AudienceOne® ?

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[Data Management Platform (DMP)]

AudienceOne is Japan’s largest Data Management Platform (DMP) with 480M unique browser cookies, 90M mobile ad IDs and 1 trillion data points to provide high-definition third party data through analysis.

AudienceOne integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users.

What is Data Management Platform (DMP)?

DMP is a core product of data driven marketing and enables the collection, integration and analysis (visualization), classification and activation of scattered marketing data. The centralized management of data optimizes customer acquisition and retention campaigns which support data-driven marketing activities.


The data stored in a DMP can be classified into two types;

First party data (one’s own data) and third party data (data collected by other parties).

DMPs are classified as either ‘Private DMPs’ which only collect and manage one’s own data in a closed environment, or ‘Public DMPs’ which integrate one’s own data with externally sourced data in an open environment.

AudienceOne from DAC is a ‘Hybrid DMP’ that has features of both Private and Public DMPs.


One of the main features of DMPs is segmentation. It allows marketers to visualize the data collected internally and externally and group users under certain rules. User segmentation is useful when marketers are trying to gain insight into customers and execute marketing campaigns.


What is Audience One®

‘Audience One®’ provided by DAC, is a hybrid DMP which has the largest data volume in Japan. It analyzes data consisting of 480 million unique browser cookies, 90 million mobile ad IDs, and 1 trillion data points to accurately define target audiences and improve marketing activities.

Integrate first party data and third party data

AudienceOne has predefined segments based on user characteristics and interests estimated by integrating with first party data and a large pool of third party data. The predefined data can be used in a variety of tools for marketing activities ranging from customer acquisition to retention.


Reporting dashboard provides various outputs

AudienceOne has various reporting features and interfaces to analyze audience.

The results of analysis allow marketers to optimize targeting strategies and use for campaigns.

AudienceOne has a proprietary psychographic data to analyze specific user interest by segment base. In addition to that, AudienceOne analyze which postal code areas users are accessing from to understand commercial area of users by PC and smart device.


Identify potential users by highly accurate audience extension technology and logic

AudienceOne has a feature called ‘Audience Extension’ which analyzes behavioral patterns of a specific user and identifies look-alike audiences.

This makes approaching potential users with characteristics similar to loyal customers more efficient. AudienceOne uses a patented technology and logic jointly developed with a research institution (Patent No.5784205).

Therefore we can provide unique and highly accurate data that no other company can reproduce.


Activate in a variety of marketing tool

Audience segments created by AudienceOne can be used in a variety of marketing tools.

It can integrate with any products in flexible way.


What is MarketAnalyzer for AudienceOne

Data-oriented approaches are also common in communication planning. In the case of commercial complex or housing products, commercial area analysis and targeting based on location data is used for planning and evaluating advertisements.

With MarketAnalyzer, provided by Giken Shoji International Co., Ltd. (GSI), AudienceOne maps internet users’ IP addresses to actual location data to analyze which postal code areas users are accessing from. This commercial area analysis feature is available on AudienceOne and can be used to identify the number of users in a designated area and create targeting segments.

MarketAnalyzer for AOne-1

MarketAnalyzer is also used for evaluating advertisements. By mapping ad serving results and location data, it measures which areas of users actually responded to the advertisement and reflect this in the planning for subsequent campaigns.

MarketAnalyzer for AOne-2


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