FlexOne® STINGRAY (Standard)

What is FlexOne® STINGRAY (Standard) ?

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FlexOne® STINGRAY (Standard) is all in one ad serving solution which started sales since July 2014. It also has various cutting edge functions which correspond to new ad format such as smart device ads and video ads satisfying media needs.

Features of FlexOne® STINGRAY (Standard)

Various ad format Provides various analysis reports showing performance of video ads and rich media ads on smart devices. Because it can be connected to outside ad networks, it can add value to inventory of rapidly growing video and rich ads on smart devices market.
Ad serving optimization function Chooses the most valuable ad server from all the connected ad networks or SSP. It also manages ad performance appropriately by optimizing ad serving frequency and by targeting ads based on user action history.
Ample support system
by dedicated staffs
Offers one stop service by dedicated staffs supporting customers not only answering questions about ad server function but also providing ad serving plan and maintenance of infrastructure.


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