*FlexOne® HARRIER (Holistic)

What is *FlexOne® HARRIER (Holistic) ?

flexone harrier

FlexOne® HARRIER (Holistic) is a comprehensive publisher trading platform which aims to consider both Direct Sold, RTB and other Audience based impression delivery and allocation as a single process.

Features of FlexOne® HARRIER

Comprehensive platform: Ad-serving and SSP Integrates Ad-serving platform with SSP feature connecting RTB demands directly via BidSwitch, which is an unified RTB trading platform with over 125 global demand partners.
Holistic Yield Management Allows RTB-sold deals compete with Direct-sold deals aiming to maximize yield for impressions through more direct price competition.
Ability to Sell Audience-Based Campaigns Offers strong DMP integration to support Audience-data based ad products with inventory forecasting and smart allocation.


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