What is VIDEOStats!™ ?


VIDEOStats!™ is the analytics service of "Online Video Ads" through many publishers.
You can find or check competitor's Ads or creative of streaming media. VIDEOStats!™ supports for PCs or Smart Devices (mobile).

Features of VIDEOStats!™

Enablement queries for Online Video Ads. VIDEOStats!™ has new search features for Video Ads. Ex. as [Online Video Ads Category], [time scaling].
Also, VIDEOStats!™ has "NETStats!®" and "MOBILEStats!®" features.
Estimate features of "Ads spending" and "frequency of play". Our original estimation logic enables to estimate competitor's ads spending and number of video views. You can understand the status of their video ads placement quite clearly.
"Download" feature reduces your documentation time. You can download any data on the both screens of "campaign details" and "estimation list" and use as an additional data for proposal documents.


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