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2018年02月 07日
DAC, QUANT team up on developing content marketing metrics

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC, QUANT team up on developing content marketing metrics
Will launch a service to support media companies providing content marketing

Tokyo, February 7, 2018 ---D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and Tokyo-based QUANT, Inc., a digital marketing agency providing media engagement metrics (*1) such as scroll depth, are pleased to announce that they have established a partnership to develop a new set of content marketing metrics. They will launch a service to assist media companies that provide content marketing with digitization and monetization.

Consumers these days have more and more opportunities to consume digital media; hence newspapers, magazines, television stations, and other media companies need to provide a wider range of digital services in response to the diversifying requirements of advertisers. However, despite mounting demand for less intrusive forms of content marketing targeting consumers, no generally accepted metrics exist for evaluating the quality of the content itself. Thus media companies have great difficulty objectively demonstrating the advantages of their content.

Given these circumstances DAC, owner of one of Japan’s largest data management platforms (DMPs), and QUANT, which has an excellent reputation for content analysis, will develop a set of qualitative benchmarks for evaluating content — hitherto a difficult task — by analyzing articles, videos, and advertising held by media companies and visualizing the full range of user information. Employing those benchmarks as metrics, they will offer a service assisting media companies with their content marketing operations.

[Overview of the Service]・・・・・・・・・・
Development and application of content marketing metrics by coordinating AudienceOne(*2) with Quant (*3)
Content marketing metrics will be developed and applied by coordinating Quant, a system for visualizing information like readers’ personal attributes, interests, scroll depth, and social media shares, with AudienceOne®, one of Japan’s largest collections of audience data. That will make it possible to:

  • Measure user engagement with content by a wide range criteria, such as media category (newspaper, magazine, website, etc.), content format (article, video, etc.), and creator (writer, poster, etc.).
  • Visualize media impact on specific regions, topics, and themes.
  • Efficiently increase the quality of content by e.g. selecting the best person to create it depending on the nature of the user engagement.
  • Set KPIs, and execute a PDCA cycle in order to improve content and enhance the user experience.
  • Boost media value in the digital domain by capitalizing on the medium’s advantages to increase usership.
  • Develop a PDCA cycle for improving medium- to long-term marketing by leveraging metrics on all aspects of content from planning to production and delivery.

Supporting influencer marketing by leveraging data
The characteristics and reach of influencers will be visualized by coordinating AudienceOne® with Quant. Influencers best matching the media company’s traits will then be identified, and ad products and solutions will be developed that capitalize on the strengths of both the media company and the chosen influencers.

Outsourcing of specialized tasks
Media companies will be assisted with monetization in the digital field through provision of the resources they require for content planning, development, production, serving and trafficking, reporting, etc. Specifically, support will be provided with creatives that leverage technology, advanced data analytics, and a Publisher Trading Desk (PTD).


DAC, through its existing services to media companies, already provides content marketing support with branding for advertisers. (*4) The services for media companies to be offered under the present partnership form part of that support program.

By developing metrics valid for content marketing in any field, DAC and QUANT aim to facilitate the creation of content that conveys the advertisers’ brand message via the medium in a way that strikes a chord with consumers, and to ensure that marketing benefits both the advertiser and the consumer.

(*1) It supplies metrics like scroll depth of articles, media consumption frequency, and article shares on social media. These are KPIs that correlate with attitude changes such as purchase conversions following media consumption, and they serve as key benchmarks for media promotions.
(*2) AudienceOne® is Japan’s largest Data Management Platform (DMP) with 480M unique browser cookies, 90M mobile ad IDs and 1 trillion data points to provide high-definition third party data through analysis. AudienceOne integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users.
(*3) Quant, developed and offered by QUANT, performs integrated analysis of data on 12 million articles, a total of 700 million unique readers, and 3,000 writers, and supplies metrics of media engagement such as scroll depth. This data is used to provide support with optimization of creatives and advanced data analysis.
(*4) News release of December 11, 2017, ”DAC and Hakuhodo i-studio form the project team “#SHAKER” to support content marketing”
News release of May 10, 2017, “Asahi Shimbun, Shueisha, and DAC launch a content marketing service” (in Japanese)
News release of July 12, 2017, “DAC concludes financial, business partnership with Tabi Labo” (in Japanese)


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※DAC is a 100% subsidiary of D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.

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