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2018年03月 27日
DAC forms capital, business partnership with content delivery platform operator Revolver, Inc.

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC forms capital, business partnership with content delivery platform operator Revolver, Inc.

Tokyo, March 27, 2018 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) has just invested in a private placement offered by Revolver, Inc. (Revolver), a content delivery platform operator, and concluded a capital and business partnership agreement with the company.

With rapidly growing opportunities for sei-katsu-sha (our term for consumers that encompasses all aspects of their lives) to interact with digital media, TV networks, newspapers, magazines, and other major media organizations are pushing ahead with content digitalization to meet the needs of sei-katsu-sha and advertisers. These media organizations are also embarking on measures, such as adopting content management systems (CMSs) (*1), to realize more effective content operations. They, nevertheless, face such problems as operating in the complex digital media landscape and monetizing their media. At the same time, the approaches by which enterprises deliver content to sei-katsu-sha are transforming every day, and more and more enterprises are grappling with content marketing for more effective promotions to sei-katsu-sha.

■Revolver and “dino”
In the context of these business conditions, Revolver offers total support for digitalization by publishers and other media companies and for owned media construction by enterprises. The company began providing a CMS in February 2015 called “dino”, a content delivery platform that optimizes content for mobile viewing and sharing on social. More than 60 enterprises now rely on “dino”, as of March 2018, including major manufacturers such as Hitachi, Ltd. and publishers such as Kodansha Ltd. and Motor Magazine Ltd.

■About the partnership
DAC and Revolver, through this new partnership, will offer digital media management systems and expertise to media companies as well as assist content digitalization and digital media launches. And for advertisers, the partners will provide assistance with the startup and efficient operation of owned media and the realization of content marketing.

This partnership will also enable DAC to offer one-stop solutions, paired with Revolver’s CMS, to media companies seeking digital transformations and advertisers engaging in content marketing. These solutions will be based on the provision of advanced data analytics, making use of the AudienceOne data management platform (DMP) (*2), and a publisher trading desk (PTD) (*3).

DAC will continue to help enterprise digitalization by assisting the value improvement and monetization of media and by supporting content marketing that combines data and creatives.

(*1) A generic term for systems that can manage and update websites.
(*2) AudienceOne is Japan’s largest Data Management Platform (DMP) with 480M unique browser cookies, 90M mobile ad IDs and 1 trillion data points to provide high-definition third party data through analysis. AudienceOne® integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users.
(*3) An outsourcing service that develops and operates advertising products and that delivers ads mainly to other media channel inventories using our own audience data.


<Revolver, Inc.>

 Representative :Hiroshi Ogawa, President & CEO
 Head Office :5-33-10, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Established :July 30, 2012
 Business :Developing and providing CMS “dino”, support for developing and operation
 of owned media, support for content marketing

<Corporate Information>
■ D.A.Consortium Inc.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, President&CEO
 Head Office :Yebisu GardenPlace Tower 33F, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :December 1996

:Online media transaction related business, Solution business,
Ad Operations Business

※DAC is a 100% subsidiary of D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.

■ D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, Representative Director & President
 Head Office :Yebisu GardenPlace Tower 33F, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :October 2016
 Listing Market

:2nd Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange(Stock code: 6534)

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