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By using ad technologies and imageries, we provide valuable content suitable for the consumers to support the marketing strategies that strengthen the relationship between the consumers and the advertisers.



HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

HAKUHODO i-studio not only creates websites, but also offers creative digital services such as integrated digital marketing using multi-touch point technology.
The company expanded its cross-border business mainly throughout the ASEAN region. They have been passionate about creating new values by communication designs involving AIs, and by establishing an organization which turns prototypes into real businesses. HAKUHODO i-studio has won numerous prizes, and it is known for its outstanding works internationally.



Crush Fever

This is a role-playing game that can include 4 players at maximum. Players can destroy the panels one by one, just by tapping the screen. UNITED, Inc. and the investee, WonderPlanet Inc. joined hands and began its distribution from July 2015 and reached more than 7 million downloads.

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Service Provider:UNITED, Inc.



This is a so-called “curation service” owned by GLIDER associates, Inc.
With seven channels of "Premium / woman / man / Life / Outing / Entertainment / Column", we deliver the selected content in a unique context and worldview.

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Service Provider:GLIDER associates, INC.


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