The DAC Group is expanding its digital advertising business globally with a focus on China, U.S. and Southeast Asia.

DAC began purchasing advertising overseas in 2001, and providesservices globally.
DAC established an online advertising consultingcompany in China in 2005, which has been providing ad servicessince it acquired an advertising license in 2007.
In response to the growing Asian Market, DAC established and began operations of DAC ASIA PTE. LTD. in Singapore in 2012.
Both DAC Beijing and i-studio Beijing founded local subsidiaries in Shanghai in 2013 and IREP Co.,Ltd. established a subsidiary in Beijing in 2014.
Each company engages in joint business development.
In April 2015, DAC newly launched “Global Business Head- quarters” to centrally manage its overseas bases in an effort to promote an integrated global strategy.


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