What is ad-meister™ ?

06 ad-meister

ad-meister™ supports crucial needs of online publishers, including inventory management, receiving orders, and ad regulation, etc. It enables integrated management of information that enhances business efficiencies.

Features of ad-meister™

Efficient Process Administrative Management Through the systemization of process control, it is possible to decrease the administrative cost by reducing human error. Since there is prevention of adminstrative mistakes and frauds, it allows for the establishment of internal control systems for compliance with J-SOX regulations.
Strengthening of Product
Planning Capabilities
Accumulation of transaction information enables to manage and analyze product information, client information and sales data quantitatively. It helps the advancement of planning ability like strategic product development.
Complete Sales Management By gathering master information, such as preserving information of the cost price and discount rates per product and per transaction, it enables the performance of sales activity. The use of sales analysis features can contribute towards the analysis of the business activity itself.


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