Dec. 1996 D.A.Consortium Inc. was established through joint investment by HAKUHODO Inc., ASATSU INC. (now ADK Holdings Inc.), Daiichi Kikaku (now ASATSU-DK INC.), Digital Garage Inc., YOMIKO ADVERTISING Inc., I&S (now I&S BBDO Inc.) and TOKUMA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO., LTD.
Jan. 1998 Relocated headquarters to Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Mar. 1998 Daiko Advertising, Inc. and Nikkeisha, Inc. joined the Consortium's agency network.
Dec. 1999 Relocated headquarters to Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 2000
Opened the Kansai Office.
Jul. 2001 Listed on NASDAQ Japan (now the JASDAQ).
Oct. 2001 Opened the New York Office.
Jul. 2002 TOKYU AGENCY INC. joined the Consortium's agency network.
Dec. 2003 spicebox, inc., consolidated into an equity-method affiliate, opened for business.
Jul. 2004 Made an investment to Ergo-Brains, inc., and consolidated into an equity-method affiliate.
Dec. 2004 Established ADPRO inc.
Mar. 2005 Relocated headquarters to Yebisu Garden Place Tower. (current address)
Oct. 2005
Established a company in China named 北京迪愛慈商務諮詢有限公司(now 北京迪愛慈広告有限公司)
Mar. 2006 Consolidated Ergo-Brains, inc. as a subsidiary.
Mar. 2006 Consolidated Interspire, Inc., as a subsidiary.
Jan. 2007 Opened the Kyushu Office.
May. 2007 Started "AD-Visor® NEXT", a media plannning support system.
Jul. 2007 Started "ad-meister™", an ad operation management solution to media.
Nov. 2007 北京迪愛慈商務諮詢有限公司(DAC Beijing) gets the advertising license in China.
Dec. 2007 Joint partnership with IREP Co., Ltd. to establish Relevancy-Plus Inc.
Feb. 2008 Third-party allotment of shares to major TV stations in Tokyo and Nikkei Digital Media, Inc.
Jun. 2008 Opened the Chubu Office.
Jun. 2008 Became exclusive selling partner in Japan for NewsGator Technologies Inc.’s Widget Services Platform.
Jun. 2008 Became exclusive selling partner in Japan for Digital Envoy Inc.’s IP Location Service.
Feb. 2009 Carried out a third-party allotment of shares to HAKUHODO Inc., making D.A.Consortium a consolidated subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.
May. 2009 Ergo-Brains, Inc. absorbed Interspire, Inc., and was renamed to SPiRE, Inc.
Jun. 2009 Launched “MarketOne®”, an online ad marketplace open to ad agencies.
Jun. 2009 IREP Co., Ltd. became an equity-method affiliate.
Nov. 2009 Partnered with Kaltura Inc. to deliver Online Video Platform in Japan.
Jul. 2010 Concluded capital and operating alliance with Members Co., Ltd., .
Dec. 2010 Consolidated IREP Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.
Feb. 2011 Established Platform One Inc.
Apr. 2011 Started "YIELD ONE®",an online ad exchange platform to media.
Nov. 2011 Partnered with Adnetik Inc. to provide "Trading Desk Services" that will allow strategic operations for online marketing.
Dec. 2011 Consolidated Torchlight Inc. as a subsidiary.
Mar. 2012 Consolidated the ngi group, Inc. (motionBEAT Inc.) as a subsidiary.
Apr. 2012 Started "ADFlow™", a creative management system.
May. 2012 Established DAC ASIA PTE. LTD.
Jun. 2012 Concluded capital and operating alliance with Innity Corporation Berhad, and consolidated into an equity-method affiliate.
Jul. 2012 Became exclusive selling partner in Japan for CrispMedia, Inc.’s Mobile Rich Media Platform.
Jul. 2012 DAC ASIA PTE. LTD. and Innity Corporation Berhad established the joint venture I-DAC PTE. LTD.
Dec. 2012 motionBEAT Inc. and SPiRE Inc. merged, with corporate name changed to UNITED Inc.
Feb. 2013 Partnered with TubeMogul Inc. to take its First Step into Video RTB Market in Japan.
Apr. 2013 Started "AudienceOne®", a data management platform.
Jan. 2014 Decision to proceed with an investment to “WiL Fund I,L.P.”
Jan. 2014 Announced establishment of "DAC Venture United Fund No.1" with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. and UNITED, Inc.
May. 2014 Started "FlexOne® Elephant",a next generation ad serving platform.
May. 2014 Started "FlexOne® Responsive", a next generation ad serving platform.
Jun. 2014 Started "EffectiveOne", a 3PAS Platform.
Jul. 2014 Started "FlexOne® Standard", a next generation ad serving solution.
Dec. 2014 Started "DialogOne", a communication management tool.
Jan. 2015 Entered partnership with YuMe Inc., a Multi-screen Video Advertising Company in US.
Feb. 2015 Partnered with Jibe Mobile K.K. to launch "DialogOne Agent", an Interactive Conversation Tool.
Mar. 2015 Partnered with Cxense ASA to provide Content Recommendations and Targeted Marketing to increase digital revenue for publishers.
Aug. 2016 Established D.A.CONSORTIUM TAIWAN INC.
Oct. 2016 Established D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc. with IREP Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2017 Consolidated DAC Tech Vietnam JOINT STOCK COMPANY as a subsidiary.
Mar. 2017 Concluded capital and operating alliance with Evixar Inc.
Feb. 2018 Concluded capital and operating alliance with EverySense Japan,Inc.
Mar. 2018 Concluded capital and operating alliance with Revolver, Inc.
Oct. 2018 D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.
Dec. 2018 Concluded capital partnership with repohappy inc.
Jan. 2019 Consolidated DAC DATA SCIENCE VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED as a subsidiary.
Feb.2019 Opened the Niigata Office.
Apr. 2019 DAC Merged with Hakuhodo DY digital Inc.
Jul.2019 Formed exclusive strategic partnership with iClick Interactive Asia, China’s largest independent data marketing solutions compan.
Aug. 2019 Consolidated eMFORCE Inc. as a subsidiary.
Jun.2020 Opened the Fukuoka Technology Lab.
April 2021 Jointly established cross-company strategic organization HAKUHODO DX_UNITED with Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners.
Apr.2021 Started supporting the Japanese market entry of “Firework” as a Loop Now Technologies strategic partner.
June 2021 Concluded a partnership agreement with Treasure Data KK.
Jun.2021 Jointly established MediaMath Japan KK with the U.S. company MediaMath.
May 2022 Formed a strategic alliance with a major Southeast Asian EC enabler SELLinALL.
May 2022 Formed an alliance with Super League Gaming to sell metaverse ads (Roblox etc.) for the first time in Japan.
August 2022 Launched H+, a strategic group to support clients’ marketing and media activities in the APAC region joitly with Hakuhodo.
September 2022 Became an official club partner of Albirex Niigata.
December 2022 Consolidated Info Cubic Japan Co., Ltd as a subsidiary.
July 2023 Became an official club partner of Albirex Niigata.
August 2023 Established ARROVA.inc,a company specializing in game, metaverse and XR media operations.
April 2024 DAC and Irep merge to form a new company, Hakuhodo DY ONE Inc.


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