Media Service

DAC’s Media Service provides media representative, trading desk, content marketing and other services to meet the needs of media companies, ad agencies and advertisers.
In addition to working with media companies to develop new advertising products, we provide comprehensive advertising-related services that cover all types of advertising formats and transaction methods, such as programmatic advertising.

Media Representative

A media representative is a company that sells ad space for a wide variety of media. DAC is a media representative specializing in online advertising. DAC works with both media companies and ad agencies to provide a diverse range of services related to online advertising beyond ad space buying, such as planning and reviewing ad content, consulting, technology development and operations.

<Service Flow for Reservation-based ads

Trading Desk

DAC’s trading desk, Japan’s largest, is deeply involved in planning, operations and reporting tasks to maximize programmatic ad effectiveness.

Services provided for advertising transactions

Reservation-based ads This service refers to specifying conditions for ad space such as how long an ad is posted, the area it is posted in and the extent of dissemination. Ads are sold on a reservation basis.
In our Group, DAC develops and provides reservation-based ads utilizing various media companies and new formats, while Hakuhodo i-studio produces creative solutions.
Programmatic ads In this service, data accumulated during advertising transactions is analyzed and operations are automated for more effective ad delivery. This applies to search ads (search-linked advertisements), ad exchanges, SSP and DSP.
DAC offers a full range of trading desk services from online marketing strategy design to operation and reporting, and DAC's group company, IREP, has the best track record in this market. DAC utilizes accumulated data to develop and provide a data management platform (DMP). Platform One and United are in charge of developing and providing DSP and SSP, whereas Torchlight takes charge of social media ad operations.

Content Marketing

By using technology and creativity to provide appropriate content that sei-katsu-sha (our term for consumers that encompasses all aspects of their lives) value, we support the digital transformation of media companies as well as marketing strategies that enhance engagement with advertisers and sei-katsu-sha.

#SHAKER is a content marketing solution jointly provided by DAC Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and HAKUHODO i-studio. It enhances the value of media for media companies by supporting client business problem solving, refined marketing activities and increased collaboration with media companies and content holders.


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