Brand Slogan

Brand Statement

The power of digital technology is transforming the world at an amazing speed with diversity.
It changes the way we work and structure businesses.
It shapes the society in a drastically new way.
It will give shape to things no one had imagined or dreamed of before.

Our mission at DAC is to empower the digital future of the world we live in: making it more dynamic while enriching its potential.

Through our experience as a pioneer in the internet business and our knowledge as a digital expert, we offer future-ready ideas backed by our technology with flexibility to respond to the constantly changing digital world.

This is our promise: we help build a society where people, as well as businesses, who have never met before will come together to envision a better world, because we believe in the power of digital technology and the richness it brings.

Corporate Logo


“The Axel”

This logo, called “the axel”, expresses the sprit embodied in our brand slogan “Empowering the digital future” ― the spirit to pioneer and impart vitality into the future digital society.


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