Social media policy

D.A.Consortium Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "DAC") has formulated basic policies for behaviors in online social media community (hereinafter referred to as "the Social Media Policy"). The Company shall comply with laws and regulations and be responsible for education of its representatives including company associates, and associates of the Company's agencies, vendors and suppliers in participating in social media.

1. Basic thoughts in social media

 Online social media, developing rapidly along with wide spread of IT infrastructure, offers the opportunity to strengthen the connection between the Company and its customers. The Company, who provides services mainly in the online advertisement market, shall use social media to share information with people, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about the Company. It expects all Company representatives shall participate in social media in appropriate manners.

2. Basic tips for participating in social media

 Below the Company shows basic tips for participating in social media. It expects the same commitment from all Company representatives to follow these tips:

(1) Respect of copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and other third-party rights in the online social media space, including with regard to user-generated content.
(2) Remember that social media is open to public.
(3) Protect confidential information and relationships of the Company and third-parties. Avoid identifying and discussing others without their permission.
(4) Personal information provided by management executives, employees (including dispatched employees, and part-time workers) shall be used:
(5) Stay cool and speak the truth.
(6) You must ensure that your posts are completely accurate and not misleading, and that they do not reveal non-public information of the Company. Exercise sound judgment and common sense and there is any doubt, do not post it.
(7) Know that the Internet is permanent. Once information is published online, it is essentially part of a permanent record, even if you "remove/delete" it later or attempt to make it anonymous.
(8) Correct mistakes when needed.
(9) Follow the Company policies and in-house rules.

3. Message for Customers

 The information, opinions, strategy, and positions expressed in social media by the Company, its employees and other representatives do not necessarily reflect those of The Company. For the official announcement please refer to the Company's public release published on its web pages (

Established on March 1, 2011


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