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From adapting to driving change
We create unprecedented value
and pioneer the future of digital business

D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is a leader in the online advertising industry established in 1996 as a media representative during the early days of online advertising. Through partnerships with numerous media companies and ad agencies, DAC has expanded and developed its businesses with flexible group operations that respond to changes in the market. In April 2019, DAC and Hakuhodo DY Digital merged operations to create a new DAC with an expanded range of business fields and reinforced capabilities. We are able to utilize the strengths of DAC, which has broadened its expertise in the digital arena as a media representative to include technology, solutions and data utilization, with the strengths of Hakuhodo DY Digital, which is adept in creative and promotion for primarily advertiser companies, to offer high-quality seamless services to media companies, advertiser companies and ad agencies.

Digital is now an integral part of our environment and life. With our corporate DNA to respond to change, we have always brought innovation to our business. Now, we believe it is also important to initiate change. With this, DAC’s mission will be to create totally new value and contribute to a future society where every aspect will be digital. Under the brand slogan, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will pursue and lead the future of marketing through innovations that create new businesses.

D.A.Consortium Inc.
President & CEO : Masaya Shimada


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