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Helping to create the digital society of the future

Just as COVID continues to significantly impact the world, societies and economies are facing a period of unprecedented transformation. People’s lifestyles, especially workstyles, are changing radically. Many companies are pursuing innovations in sales methods, profit models or other areas on a totally new scale. This has highlighted the need for the development of new business strategies and marketing methods.

With this major transition, the possibilities of digital utilization are growing rapidly, but we believe realizing these possibilities will require a fundamental rethinking of what digital utilization really means.

At DAC, we provide the support necessary for companies to transform the “potential” of digital utilization into concrete “value.” With curiosity and imagination, our team of experts boldly explore the new possibilities that digital utilization provides to develop new services. At DAC, we are filled with a passion to take on new challenges and create new value.

With a wealth of experience in digital advertising, digital marketing and the latest technologies, our diverse team provides more than conventional media planning, data utilization and global management services. We have boldly restructured our services to embrace newer, bigger, more expansive lifestyle environments and corporate activities so that we can provide tailored support for client companies to design their future.

This is the type of transformation that we at DAC believe is necessary. Leveraging our transformation to help create the digital future – this is DAC’s ongoing pursuit.

D.A.Consortium Inc.
President, CEO & CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
Yuzo Tanaka


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