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From adapting to driving change
We create unprecedented value
and pioneer the future of digital business

Established in 1996 at the dawn of online advertising in Japan, we helped shape the market, lead the industry and grow the business in partnership with several media companies and ad agencies. In 2016, twenty years after our founding, we established D.A. Consortium Holdings Inc. together with consolidated subsidiary IREP Co., Ltd. The goal of integrating the management of both companies was to expand business by collaborating more closely with IREP (which mainly serves client businesses), organically linking various functions and optimizing resources.

Advancements in digital technology continue unabated and changes in the market are likely to intensify. For over twenty years, we have responded to change by staying true to our core value of ‘continuously evolving’. We believe it is important to always innovate business, adapt to change and drive change ourselves. By renovating our business itself, we will create unprecedented value and pioneer the future of digital business. It is the mission of DAC to facilitate a digital society where every aspect of life is digitized. We vow to continue taking on new challenges and engage in business initiatives backed by the collective effort of our group to further develop the online advertising market and a digital society.

D.A.Consortium Inc.
President & CEO : Masaya Shimada


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