News Release

2024年04月 01日
Hakuhodo DY ONE corporate website
2024年03月 27日
DAC and Fanatic launch a service that automatically links short videos in a company’s EC site to ads
2024年03月 26日
DAC certified as Japan’s only “Premier Partner” by China’s largest search engine Baidu
2024年03月 25日
Hakuhodo DY Group establishes a new digital core company, Hakuhodo DY ONE
2024年03月 05日
DAC launches “Process Innovation Studio” to help companies create new marketing DX processes
2024年02月 28日
DAC launches “Influencer AI Navi,” a one-stop influencer support system using generative AI
2024年02月 20日
DAC wins highest-grade Gold Partner certification under the Teads Ad Manager Certified Ad Agency Award Program
2024年02月 09日
DAC and Irep merge to form a new company
2024年01月 30日
DAC and TimeTree verify effectiveness of video formats using “MIRAI_DSP”
2024年01月 24日
DAC adds Meta’s Product Level Video solution to its data feed management tool Seil
2024年01月 16日
DAC enhances its AudienceOne® data analysis service using the cloud data platform “Snowflake”
2023年11月 16日
DAC and TimeTree verify that “MIRAI_DSP” ad delivery service more than doubles CTR of targeted ads
2023年11月 01日
I-DAC establishes Audience IQ Asia in Thailand
2023年10月 04日
DAC and TimeTree introduce “MIRAI_DSP,” an ad delivery service that utilizes the calendar sharing app TimeTree
2023年10月 03日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC certified as a CX Partner of LY Corporation
2023年08月 30日
DAC introduces WISE Visualizer, a GA4 data utilization dashboard creation service
2023年08月 23日
DAC maintains certification as a LINE Govtech Partner
2023年08月 22日
DAC forms an alliance with Antsomi, a Southeast Asian AI-driven marketing technology company
2023年08月 02日
DAC establishes, a company specializing in game, metaverse and XR media operations
2023年08月 01日
DAC certified as EC Support Partner by SME Support, Japan
2023年07月 18日
DAC becomes a Kochi Fighting Dogs digital marketing partner
2023年07月 07日
HAKUHODO DX_UNITED’s digital creative team Quick Movie launches Team PiQ, Japan’s first collaborative project with Pinterest Japan
2023年07月 06日
DAC’s EngageOne, solution for Apple Messages for Business, adds a new feature for customer-company communication
2023年07月 03日
DAC to co-sponsor as a main partner the Japan Inter-Corporate Premium Challenge Games in Niigata
2023年06月 14日
DAC introduces WISE Ads, a post-cookie ad delivery service
2023年06月 06日
DAC begins offering “e-Conductor,” a comprehensive EC consulting service
2023年06月 01日
DAC develops and begins in-house verification operations of a generative AI digital marketing solution
2023年05月 31日
DAC releases the beta version of “Recommendation Message for LINE Official Accounts Powered by Criteo”
2023年05月 22日
DAC certified Premier Technology Partner, communications category, under the LINE Biz Partner Program
2023年05月 16日
DAC’s “LiftOne powered by AaaS,” a service that visualizes ad effect, to begin offering new monitoring/evaluation functions


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