News Release

2019年09月 10日
DAC’s DMP ”AudienceOne®” forms alliance with Criteo
2019年09月 04日
Hakuhodo DY Group’s “TV Cross Simulator” to begin including Yahoo! JAPAN’s major video ads
2019年08月 27日
DAC awarded 5th consecutive LINE Account Connect’s highest Diamond status under the LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program
2019年08月 15日
Hakuhodo DY Group’s “TV Cross Simulator” to begin including Amazon Advertising video ads
2019年08月 08日
DAC forms capital and business alliance with Review, a company that provides offline data business maps
2019年07月 31日
DAC selected as first Datorama certified partner in Japan
2019年07月 29日
DAC to offer a marketing system development service leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
2019年07月 24日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC to offer Video Creative Planner X (Cross)™
2019年07月 05日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Trippiece and DAC jointly develop “Regional Revitalization DMP”
2019年05月 30日
DAC forms capital and business alliance with RERAISE, an influencer production company
2019年04月 23日
DAC introduces “DialogOne ® for App” for LINE app developers
2019年04月 19日
DAC’s “AudienceOne®” enhances features for Sei-katsu-sha
2019年04月 19日
DAC partners with Sourcepoint to improve transparency of Sei-katsu-sha data used by advertisers and media companies
2019年04月 18日
Torchlight certified as Creative Platform Facebook Marketing Partner
2019年03月 26日
DAC’s ”Data Exchange” service on “AudienceOne®” to begin data collaboration with “Qiita,” a technical information sharing site for programmers
2019年03月 20日
DAC’s “AudienceOne®” and Dai Nippon’s “Receipi !” begin tie-up
2019年02月 14日
Start of ad delivery service utilizing tie-up of DAC’s “AudienceOne®” and Blogwatcher’s “Profile Passport DMP”
2019年02月 14日
For the 4th consecutive time, DAC awarded the highest Diamond status in LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program’s LINE Account Connect category
2019年02月 13日
DAC and The Washington Post partner to make Arc Publishing available in Japan
2019年02月 05日
D.A.Consortium Inc. and Hakuhodo DY digital Inc. merge operations
2019年02月 04日
“MarketOne®” DSP and “YIELDONE” SSP to be the first in Japan to support “DigiTrust ID,” a global standardized cookie ID solution
2019年02月 01日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Hakuhodo DY digital, DAC, and Platform One launch “Brand View Instream AdTM”, a programmatic instream video ad service that only places ads in premium video content
2019年02月 01日
DAC certified by Chinese search engine Baidu as a “Premier Partner” for the fourth time
2019年01月 30日
DAC invests in GIFMAGAZINE, a company that produces and delivers original GIFs
2019年01月 16日
“SP EXPERT’S™” now up and running the Hakuhodo DY Group-wide team offering marketing, sales, and digital support for today’s digitized sales promotion market
2019年01月 10日
DAC, Platform One and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners jointly develop “Atma™ Actual TV Viewership Targeting”
2018年12月 13日
DAC establishes the “DAC Niigata Office,” a trading desk specializing in programmatic ads
2018年12月 10日
DAC’s “DialogOne®” begins linkage with Tangerine’s real behavior data platform
2018年12月 04日
DAC enters capital alliance with Repohappy, a fan marketing support company
2018年11月 29日
Torchlight’s “Sherpa for Feed” feed ad platform accommodates LINE Ads Platform’s “LINE Dynamic Ads”


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