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2024年02月 28日
DAC launches “Influencer AI Navi,” a one-stop influencer support system using generative AI

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC launches “Influencer AI Navi,” a one-stop influencer
support system using generative AI
~Full support from influencer selection to data clean room analysis~

Tokyo, February 28, 2024 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce the launch of Influencer AI Navi, a service that uses generative AI to provide one-stop, comprehensive influencer marketing support, from influencer selection to data clean room analysis that visualizes ad effect. This service helps advertising companies more effectively implement influencer marketing initiatives.

With the growing impact of social networking on Internet user consumption, more companies are emphasizing social media marketing activities. Among these, the influencer marketing market, which reached 74.1 billion yen in 2023, is forecasted to grow 1.8 times to 13.0 billion yen by 2027.(*1) Currently however, advertising companies have difficulty in selecting suitable influencers using currently available data. In addition, reporting
for influencer-related ad deliveries on Meta (Facebook/Instagram) is limited to the number of reaches and clicks, making it a challenge to measure effectiveness using standard KPIs, such as actual store visits, customer purchases, or changes in attitudes.

In response, DAC has decided to introduce Influencer AI Navi, a service that offers advertiser companies comprehensive support, from selecting optimal influencers to effect visualization using data clean room analyses.(*2) This service brings together DAC’s wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing with the powers of generative AI.

Influencer AI Navi features
1.User persona generator and influencer assignment utilizing generative AI

Using Meta’s Advanced Analytics data clean room and generative AI, Influencer AI Navi analyzes high ad effect users and based on this, automatically generates personas. These personas help support efforts to assign the optimal influencers according to what fits the advertiser company’s needs.

2.Visualization of influencer ad effect utilizing data clean rooms
After delivering ads on Instagram using influencer material, Influencer AI Navi enables the visualization of brand lift effect, store visits and impact on purchasing behavior by influencer. By providing a more detailed analysis of effectiveness not available on conventional management screens, the service helps advertiser companies design future marketing initiatives, ad creatives and ad management for maximum results.

<Report sample>
Visualization of which influencer contributed to each KPI

※Use of the data clean room through this service requires an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

DAC will continue to develop and provide a variety of services that maximize the effectiveness of digital advertising to support our client companies’ corporate marketing activities.

*1) Survey by CyberBuzz / Digital InFact (Japanese)
*2) News release of May 27,2022:DAC introduces WISE Hub, which analyzes users and ad effect using data clean rooms
News release of March 1,2023: DAC adds a new feature to WISE Hub, its analysis solution that uses data clean rooms


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Established in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has led the formation and growth of the digital marketing industry by steadily expanding its operations with the increased digitalization of information and lifestyles.

Utilizing a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital advertising, advanced technological development skills, and strong relationships media companies, platformers and other technology partners, DAC provides global and comprehensive digital marketing services, such as supporting company data utilization, designing promotional initiatives, and developing and constructing marketing systems.

Guided by the mission, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will continue to be a leader in creating new forms of digital ads and marketing that provide new value to society.

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