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2022年05月 27日
DAC introduces WISE Hub, which analyzes users and ad effect using data clean rooms

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC introduces WISE Hub, which analyzes users and ad effect using data clean rooms
~enables highly flexible ad planning while protecting privacy~

※The following is an English translation of a news release issued by DAC on May 27, 2022. The service described in this release is available in Japan only.

Tokyo, May 27, 2022 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce the introduction of WISE Hub, a data analysis system that utilizes data clean rooms (DCR) * provided by platformers. WISE Hub enables flexible ad planning that takes user privacy into consideration in a post-cookie era.

In recent years, companies are being tasked to develop and utilize new technologies that will replace cookies for their data marketing initiatives and demand for DCR data analytical environments that take user privacy into consideration has grown.

DAC’s newly introduced WISE Hub displays DCR-aggregated data on a dashboard to provide highly versatile services that improve data-driven ad campaigns and customer analyses. In a cookie-less and privacy-protected environment, WISE Hub features in-depth individual user and ad effect analyses on the ad management screen, which until now was difficult to do. This facilitates highly flexible, user-privacy-protected ad planning, thereby resolving many of the marketing issues client companies face.

WISE Hub is compatible with the following platforms:
- WISE Hub for Google: Analytical services using Google (including YouTube) ad delivery data
- WISE Hub for LINE: Analytical services using LINE Ads and LINE Official Account delivery data
- WISE Hub for EC: Analytical services using a leading global EC platform data

■Service features

1. In-depth ad effect analyses
Based on analyses of ad delivery log data, companies can obtain ad effect readings that are more in-depth than conventional ad management screens. In addition, with detailed and unique parameters, companies can get a clearer picture of sei-katsu-sha** needs that can be utilized for future ad deliveries (PDCA). This grasp of sei-katsu-sha needs is helpful not only for ad initiatives, but also as tips for overall business operations.

**: Sei-katsu-sha: a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”

Easy-to-understand dashboard
With an emphasis on viewability, the dashboard was designed to intuitively convey numerical ad effect results.

(Example)WISE Hub for Google dashboard

”Affinity & in-market,” which analyzes delivery results per Google Affinity audience

3. Planning utilization

Numerical data displayed on the dashboard correlates and is analyzed in line with each platform’s indices and variables to make it easier to utilize for future planning and execution.

DAC will continue to develop and provide its WISE series of post-cookie solutions to support our client companies’ digital transformation, both in terms of media DX and marketing DX.

(*)An environment for data sharing and analysis with companies under the strict supervision of platform companies. Platformers share aggregated data compiled from raw delivery data with advertisers in a safe space. Because platformers do not provide personal data to outside parties, the system enables legally compliant, safe and advanced analyses.


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