DAC, a company that supports digital marketing

Established in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has played a key role in the formation and growth of the digital marketing industry. It has steadily expanded its operations by developing a wide variety of innovative advertising-related solutions that embrace the increasing digitalization of information and lifestyles.

DAC collaborates with ad agencies, media companies and technology partners both in Japan and overseas to provide global services that meet and foresee the needs of sei-katsu-sha and business owners in an ever-evolving digital marketing market.

DAC is part of HAKUHODO DX_UNITED, a Hakuhodo DY Group cross-company organization that comprehensively supports companies in their DX efforts.

DAC’s internal division Hakuhodo Digital Initiative (HDI) is participating in this organization as digital advertising professionals and supporting Hakuhodo DY Group’s efforts to promote the DX of companies.

DAC Services

Promoting marketing DX and media DX with advanced technologies

DAC’s wealth of knowledge and experience nurtured in the technology field is at the core of all the services we provide.

With our advanced technologies, we promote marketing DX in the areas of branding, CRM, EC/D2C, owned media, and in-store promotion, and media DX that crosses mass media and digital media to maximize the impact of media investments.

For all stakeholders, we offer services that unlock the unlimited potential of digital marketing.


By integrating client company data and linking it with external data, DAC provides advanced marketing data analysis and supports data utilization for communication initiatives. With foresight about growing cookie restrictions and privacy protection concerns, we are developing new ways to utilize data and providing services that foresee societal needs, such as data clean room utilization support, CMP integration support and integrated ID development.

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With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from many years in the digital advertising industry, DAC proposes, implements and operates effective promotional initiatives. With a highly professional staff knowledgeable about all types of media and EC platforms, we use our unique solutions to build advanced business process systems. Utilizing one of Japan’s largest ad databases, we provide analyses and forecasts that maximize return on investment in areas ranging from brand recognition to customer acquisition.

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Aligning with a diverse range of media, platforms and EC sites both in Japan and overseas, DAC creates high-value ad products that meet market needs and develops ad solutions that utilize platformers’ operational systems. In addition, we are promoting the digitalization of offline media, developing solutions that visualize ad effect across both television and digital media, and integrating retailer apps, digital signage and other forms of retail media with digital ad transaction/delivery systems.

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Armed with technical development expertise and operational know-how of DMPs, tag solutions and other digital ad technologies, DAC constructs CDPs using Google, TreasureData and other platforms, builds and operates BI dashboards for Salesforce and other MAs, and supports the implementation of other systems to form a marketing foundation. With specialized consultants and engineers representing a variety of fields, we have formed a one-team system to provide comprehensive support, from defining requirements and selecting tools to development and utilization.

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DAC conducts research and development of generative AI, Web3, NFT and other new era digital services, creates metaverse ad services, develops ad delivery methods utilizing electricity consumption data, cultivates new businesses with a wide variety of partner companies and promotes industry-academia collaboration with universities in Japan and overseas through lectures and joint research on digital marketing. In addition, to nurture much-needed human resources with digital expertise, we provide online educational services about digital ads and group training programs that teach the basics of data utilization.

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Solutions that DAC utilizes

DAC provides services that utilize not only its own unique solutions but also those provided by technology partners in Japan and overseas.

Global Business

DAC’s global operations began in 2001.

Harnessing our years of experience in digital marketing and advanced technologies, we are contributing to the growth of many overseas companies.

With certifications from numerous global platformers and media companies, our overseas market presence is growing steadily.

Global team

Our multi-national team of members based at our overseas offices as well as at our headquarters work together to provide digital marketing solutions that are tailored to the culture and business circumstances of each country.

Global marketing services

◆Proposal and implementation of promotional plans
(Campaign strategies, SNS account management planning, cross-border EC marketing, etc.)
◆Digital ad operations
(Overall digital ad planning, operation, etc.)
◆Content creation / Effect analysis
(Website construction/analysis, content production, SNS account management, promotion effect analysis, etc.)
◆DX solutions development / implementation support
(Digital ads, owned media, e-commerce, CRM, etc.)

Global network

With offices in more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia, including Greater China and South Korea, DAC is continually expanding its operations. In Vietnam in particular, we created a research and development hub early on and are focusing efforts with the establishment of a new company in 2022.

In August 2022, we launched an Asia-Pacific strategic network called H+ in collaboration with Hakuhodo to enhance our ability across the entire Hakuhodo DY Group to provide services for that region. We are also promoting alliances with major overseas corporations to jointly develop a wide variety of ad products and technologies

*Major overseas hubs

・D.A.Consortium Beijing CO., LTD. (DAC Beijing) <Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen>
・Huihai Info-Tech (Changchun) Co., Ltd. (ADPRO Changchun) <Changchun, Dalian>
・eMFORCE Inc. <Korea>
・DAC ASIA PTE. LTD. (DAC ASIA) <Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam>
・Innity Corporation Berhad <Malaysia, Shingapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines,
Cambodia, Myanmar, China,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea>
・DAC New York Office <New York>

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