Backed by a solid foundation of group companies, DAC provides comprehensive digital marketing services to respond to a diverse range of third-party demands, from media companies wishing to enhance media value to advertisers and ad agencies wanting to conduct effective marketing as well as sei-katsu-sha※ seeking personalized information.

※ Sei-katsu-sha: our term for consumers that encompasses all aspects of their lives.

Online advertising involves purchasing on a reservation basis ad space on portals, news sites and other websites under pre-set conditions similar to advertising on mass media, such as time period, ad space and delivery volume. When it was established in 1996, DAC began as a media representative working on behalf of numerous online media companies selling ad space to ad agencies.

Currently, DAC has expanded its capabilities as a media representative and utilizes user data owned by media companies and advertisers and audience data accumulated from past ad transactions to support the placement of ads that better match the advertiser’s intent with the user’s needs. In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of services to maximize ad effect, from designing and planning ad delivery and managing operational budgets to making proposals for improvement based on data analysis of posted ads.

DAC operates one of Japan’s largest trading desks, which supports the above-mentioned ad transaction services. We are also focused on content marketing aimed to raise engagement between companies and sei-katsu-sha, solutions development that utilizes a wealth of data and state-of-the-art technology, and creative production tailored to the characteristics of the media.

With the digital ad arena and sei-katsu-sha needs evolving constantly, we are also expanding globally by providing services that are one step ahead.

Content Marketing

Utilizing the power of technology and creative, we develop and delivery appropriate and valuable content that enhances engagement between advertisers and sei-katsu-sha both online and offline.


Communication that is responsive to the detailed and complex values of sei-katsu-sha requires effective coordination between media and creative. In addition, our creative development, which reflects a keen and profound understanding of sei-katsu-sha insight, makes effective and efficient digital marketing possible.


With a wealth of data and the technology to utilize it effectively, DAC develops and provides a number of innovative solutions, such as its DMP (data management platform) AudienceOne® and its messaging management solution DialogOne® , to help resolve issues in the digital marketing field.

Global Business

DAC's global business began in 2001 with the buying of overseas media ad space. Utilizing our experience in data-driven marketing and our strength, DAC is expanding its operations primarily in China and other regions of Asia.


Since establishing DAC Beijing in 2005, we have set up offices in Shanghai and Taiwan and are providing a wide range of advertising services to Japanese companies in China as well as local companies.

To respond to the expanding Asian market, DAC established DAC Asia in 2012 in Singapore. Currently, we are focusing on markets in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and in 2019, we made a Korean digital agency into a consolidated subsidiary. All these efforts have reinforced our ability to provide top-level services. In addition to providing ad technologies and the latest marketing solutions to media companies and advertisers, we are working with companies around the world on a diverse range of initiatives.

・Formed a capital alliance with Innity Corporation Berhad in 2012 to expand both our business operations and regions served.
・Established PT Data Arts Xperience (DAX) as a joint venture with a major Indonesian automobile manufacturer to launch DMP operations (2015~).
・Formed an exclusive strategic partnership with Thailand’s premium media alliance, OPPA (2017~).

*Cross-border marketing
To respond to the growth of inbound consumption and cross-border EC, we support ad promotion efforts of Japanese companies trying to reach overseas markets as well as overseas companies trying to reach the Japan market.

Collaboration with China’s big three internet companies (BAT: Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent)

Activities in regions other than China
Drawing on our technologies, we are currently expanding collaborative relationships with global platformers, such as Google and Facebook, and local media.


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