At the core of DAC’s services is a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained through many years of experience in the technology field. For example, we identify and fulfill customer needs, integrate conventional mass media with digital media, and develop innovative and high-quality creative. Precisely because of the advanced technologies we have developed over the years, we are able to offer digital marketing services with unlimited potential to media companies, advertisers, ad agencies and Sei-katsu-sha*.

To provide these services in a seamless manner, DAC has created strong alliances with ad agencies and media companies. In April 2021, HAKUHODO DX_UNITED, a Hakuhodo DY Group cross-company organization, was established to comprehensively promote digital transformation (DX) of companies through both marketing DX and media DX. DAC’s internal division Hakuhodo Digital Initiative (HDI) is participating in this organization as the main party by providing digital management consultation services that harness its expertise in digital media and ad management.

Maximizing ad effect

DAC began its operations as an online media rep agent selling ad space to ad agencies. At the time, online advertising meant reserving and purchasing ad space on portals, news sites and other websites with specific conditions, such as time frame, ad size and delivery volume, much like what is done with mass media.

Currently, DAC conducts a much wider range of ad transactions. Utilizing user data owned by media companies and advertisers as well as audience data accumulated through past ad transactions, we support advertisers in ensuring that their ads and user needs are matched. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of services to maximize ad effect, such as ad delivery design planning, budget management and post-ad data analyses to make improvement proposals.

DAC provides these services with one of the largest trading desk systems in Japan. Our professionals in media, marketing, data, technology and global operations work together as one team to develop and offer services that are one step ahead of the rapidly changing advertising market and Sei-katsu-sha* needs.

*Sei-katsu-sha: a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”

The use of data technology

ith a wealth of data and the technologies to effectively utilize it, DAC develops and provides a wide variety of innovative solutions, such as its DMP (data management platform) AudienceOne® and its messaging management solution DialogOne®.

Global Business

DAC's global business began in 2001 with the buying of overseas media ad space. Utilizing our experience in data-driven marketing and our strength, DAC is expanding its operations primarily in China and other regions of Asia.

Since establishing DAC Beijing in 2005, we have set up offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and are providing a wide range of advertising services to Japanese companies in China as well as local companies.

To respond to the expanding Asian market, DAC established DAC Asia in 2012 in Singapore. Currently, we are focusing on markets in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and in 2019, we made a Korean digital agency into a consolidated subsidiary. All these efforts have reinforced our ability to provide top-level services. In addition to providing ad technologies and the latest marketing solutions to media companies and advertisers, we are working with companies around the world on a diverse range of initiatives.

*Major overseas hubs
・D.A.Consortium Beijing CO., LTD. (DAC Beijing)
・Huihai Info-Tech (Changchun) Co., Ltd. (ADPRO Changchun)
・Innity Corporation Berhad
・DAC New York Office

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