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2023年03月 01日
DAC adds a new feature to WISE Hub, its analysis solution that uses data clean rooms

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC adds a new feature to WISE Hub, its analysis solution that uses data clean rooms
~Visualizes digital ad search lift effect across all major platforms~

Tokyo, March 1, 2023 – D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has added a new function to WISE Hub(*1), a digital ad data analysis service that utilizes data clean rooms(*2). This new function estimates the effect of increased searches (search lift) from digital ads delivered on major platforms. With this, users are now able to visualize search lift rates and make comparisons across major platforms, thereby facilitating digital media planning based on search lift, which until now has been difficult to do.

Search behavior is one important indicator of user intent. However, there are very few platforms that visualize ad placement effect by showing an increase in search behavior due to digital ads, in other words, search lift. As a result, it has been difficult until now for advertisers to optimize the allocation of their digital ad media investments based on search lift results across major platforms.

WISE Hub, developed by DAC for the post-cookie era, is a data analysis solution that utilizes digital clean rooms to enable more flexible ad planning that takes user privacy into consideration. The newly added function analyzes ad data, such as digital ad reach and video viewership rates, with search user data estimated by DAC’s AudienceOne®(*3), one of Japan’s largest DMPs, in data clean rooms provided by each platform to estimate the effect that contact with ads and video viewership has on search lift. This makes it possible to compare ad effectiveness across platforms using a unified search lift index even for platforms where search lift could not be visualized, thereby enabling media selection and investment allocation that optimally contribute to search lift.

By utilizing this function, companies can not only analyze search lift rates related to their company or product names for a specific ad campaign, but they can also analyze whether users who searched competitor brand keywords also conducted a search of their own companies, as well.

【Analytical functions provided】 (Japanese)

①Search lift analysis

Visualizes estimated search lift from ad contact and video viewing based on the difference in search rates of target keywords before and after a user views an ad. Also enables comparisons across major platforms that distribute the ads.

②Search switch analysis
Estimates the number of users who searched competitor company keywords and then later switched to become the advertiser company’s search users after seeing an ad. By comparing these results with users who had no contact with ads, this analysis helps advertisers grasp how effective their ads are in prompting users to think of their product, hence aiding in media selection.

③Search user analysis
Expands and analyzes search users by specifying company name, competitor name, and brand category keywords. Enables a visualization of overlap rate between the advertiser company’s and the competitors’ interest groups as well as the visualization of ad delivery effect. In addition, keywords that had high delivery effect can be utilized for targeting on major platforms.

DAC will continue to steadily introduce a variety of services that maximize the effect of digital ads to contribute to advertisers’ business goals.

(*1)News release of May 27, 2022 : DAC introduces WISE Hub, which analyzes users and ad effect using data clean rooms~enables highly flexible ad planning while protecting privacy~
(*2)An environment for data sharing and analysis with companies under the strict supervision of platform companies. Platformers share aggregated data compiled from raw delivery data with advertisers in a safe space. Because platformers do not provide personal data to outside parties, the system enables legally compliant, safe and advanced analyses.
(*3) AudienceOne® is one of Japan’s largest data management platforms (DMP) with over 100 million mobile ad IDs and a huge volume of data, which is analyzed to generate and provide high-precision third-party data. It links, integrates, analyzes and visualizes web activity data, CRM, ad delivery results, panel research results, and a variety of other data. With a wealth of linked channels, AudienceOne® offers a wide range of measurements, from new customer acquisition to LTV improvements among existing customers, for a high-precision marketing environment. (Japanese)


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