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2023年08月 22日
DAC forms an alliance with Antsomi, a Southeast Asian AI-driven marketing technology company

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC forms an alliance with Antsomi, a Southeast Asian AI-driven marketing technology company
~For marketing DX services that integrate CDPs and various solutions~

Tokyo, August 22, 2023 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has formed a capital and business alliance with ANTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. (Antsomi), an AI-driven marketing technology company based in Southeast Asia. Under this strategic partnership, the two companies will utilize Antsomi’s data marketing platform CDP 365 and jointly offer services that support corporate marketing DX efforts in Southeast Asia.

With the increased demand for information security and privacy protection, many companies are considering the implementation of CDPs (customer data platforms) and other initiatives that enhance the need for data utilization. Established in 2017, Antsomi is the first Southeast Asian company to develop an AI-driven CDP and the first Southeast Asian CDP vendor recognized by internationally renowned organizations, such as Forrester Research and the CDP Institute in the United States.(*1) The company’s solution, CDP 365, has been adopted by many leading companies in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

Since establishing DAC Asia in Singapore in 2012, DAC has been expanding its business in the Southeast Asian region and jointly launched with Hakuhodo a new strategic network called H+ in August 2022.(*2) With the goal to expand its service offerings and better support corporate marketing DX efforts using CDPs, DAC has decided to form a capital and strategic alliance with Antsomi.

Harnessing DAC’s digital marketing expertise and experience and Antsomi’s database development capabilities, the two companies will provide one-stop, comprehensive marketing DX solutions in the Southeast Asian market.

■DAC/Antsomi’s marketing DX support service features

1.One-stop services ranging from CDP implementation to data analysis and utilization
For companies facing the challenge of integrating and utilizing customer data, we will offer CDP 365 consulting, data integration, data analysis and marketing strategy proposals. In addition, we will propose and implement marketing initiatives with one-stop services. We can also offer flexible implementation plans according to client company needs, such as measuring effectiveness using short-term trials.

2.Design and provision of personalized marketing initiatives using DAC’s proprietary analytical methods
CDP 365 is integrated with major global and Southeast Asian advertising/CRM tools, enabling ad and message deliveries across multiple channels based on customer touchpoints. By analyzing customer data from various perspectives, including DAC’s proprietary analytical methods, messages and ads can be optimized for each individual customer through the most suitable customer touchpoint, maximizing the company’s return on marketing investment.

3. Support from a dedicated data analysis and operation teamTo achieve accurate customer understanding and optimal marketing strategies based on CDP 365 customer data, DAC will establish a dedicated data analysis and operation team that can propose and provide best practices for customer data analysis and utilization tailored to each company’s needs.

DAC will continue to collaborate with Antsomi to actively develop new features, enhance the quality of existing features, and by utilizing the H+ framework, contribute to the success of corporate marketing DX strategies in Southeast Asia.

News release of August 10, 2022:Hakuhodo and DAC launch H+, a strategic group to “Empower Your Digital Future”


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 Representative :Serm Teck Choon,  Co-founder & CEO
 Head Office :Singapore
 Established :2017

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