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Evolving as a digital marketing company to contribute to a digital society

With digital technology now a part of societal infrastructure, DAC’s business has grown beyond online advertising to include advertising, marketing, data businesses, and solutions development. Our strength as a comprehensive digital marketing company lies in our flexibility to not only respond to change, but to also enjoy and create change. Thanks to this, we are playing increasingly important roles.

DAC’s first and foremost role is to work closely with clients and media companies to help grow their businesses. We are partners in our customers’ success. This is part of our culture as a member of the Hakuhodo DY Group.

DAC’s second role is to deliver real value to sei-katsu-sha (a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”). In a digital world with both its positives and negatives, we are building a safe, reliable, and secure digital marketing foundation by providing information that sei-katsu-sha truly need.

DAC is also working to create systems that resolve a wide range of digital marketing issues, which continue to emerge despite the rapid acceleration of DX during the COVID pandemic. We develop technologies, and then implement and manage them. With this expertise, we are striving to provide value to the world at large. By harnessing and maximizing the potential of our employees, we believe we can exponentially expand our power.

With the power of people and digital technology, we are evolving as a comprehensive digital marketing company to contribute to companies, sei-katsu-sha, and a brighter digital society.

Yuzo Tanaka
Representative Director, President
D.A.Consortium Inc.


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