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2019年02月 04日
“MarketOne®” DSP and “YIELDONE” SSP to be the first in Japan to support “DigiTrust ID,” a global standardized cookie ID solution

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
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“MarketOne®” DSP and “YIELDONE” SSP to be the first in Japan to support “DigiTrust ID,” a global standardized cookie ID solution
~ Will contribute to monetization of media companies’ programmatic ads and maximization of efficiency for advertisers ~

Tokyo, February 4, 2019 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and Platform One Inc. (P1) are pleased to announce that their demand-side platform (DSP) MarketOne® and supply-side platform (SSP) YIELDONE will support IAB Tech Lab’s DigiTrust ID, a standardized cookie ID solution, for the first time in Japan for an advertising-related company.

To allow programmatic deals and data coordination between different advertising-related companies, online ads must map the proprietary cookie IDs used by each platform using a technology called cookie syncing. Cookie syncing, however, cannot match all IDs; typical cookie-match rates hover around 70 percent (meaning syncing fails about 30 percent of the time). Another problem is the large number of tags multiple platforms append to websites that slow down website loading speeds and, thus, negatively impact usability.

IAB Tech Lab provides DigiTrust ID, a standardized cookie ID solution that increases cookie ID match rates among platforms and improves usability. Cookie syncing using DigiTrust ID achieves match rates close to 100 percent. DigiTrust ID is used by top U.S. advertising-related companies and industry groups. According to IAB, global RTB requests use DigiTrust ID more than 65 percent of the time.

YIELDONE, an SSP provided by DAC and P1, is the first Japanese SSP to use DigiTrust ID. By performing DigiTrust ID-based deals with other firms’ platforms, media companies can sell more ID-tagged ad impressions, for higher unit prices and greater revenue. MarketOne® DSP also supports DigiTrust ID, enabling advertisers to deliver more ID-tagged targeted ads from SSPs with DigiTrust ID support for more efficient and trustworthy ad campaigns. And users enjoy much better usability, since DigiTrust ID dramatically reduces website loading times that had been slowed by tags from multiple platforms.

Upcoming developments
DAC and P1 will work together with IAB Tech Lab to expand DigiTrust ID participation in Japan as well as continue to adopt the latest global standards and solutions in order to raise media company revenue and boost support for advertisers’ digital marketing efforts.

About IAB Tech Lab
Founded by the U.S. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), IAB Tech Lab is an international research and development consortium charged with producing and implementing global technology standards in the digital media and digital advertising industry.
Comprised of advertisers, ad agencies, media companies, technology vendors, and other leading global enterprises in the digital marketing field, IAB Tech Lab aims to solve problems in digital advertising and digital marketing and bring technological innovation to the industry, by hosting foundational discussions and examinations of common problems and sharing knowledge.
“The DigiTrust standardized ID represents a win for global consumers and industry stakeholders including publishers, buyers and ad tech platforms,” says Dennis Buchheim, SVP and General Manager of IAB Tech Lab. “We welcome DAC’s and Platform One’s participation and efforts to increase adoption across the Japan market.”


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