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2019年03月 26日
DAC’s ”Data Exchange” service on “AudienceOne®” to begin data collaboration with “Qiita,” a technical information sharing site for programmers

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC’s ”Data Exchange” service on “AudienceOne®” to begin data collaboration with
“Qiita,” a technical information sharing site for programmers
~to enable ad delivery to engineers and designers~

Tokyo, March 26, 2019 ---D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) announced today that Increments Inc. (Increments) will begin providing data of its technical information sharing site for programmers ”Qiita(*3)”to Data Exchange(*2), a service available on DAC’s data management platform (DMP) AudienceOne®(*1). This collaboration will enable companies who use AudienceOne® to deliver ads to Qiita users, such as engineers and designers, on MarketOne®(*4) and a variety of other platforms

AudienceOne®, developed and provided by DAC, is one of Japan’s largest DMP with a huge volume of data related to its 480 million monthly unique browser cookies, 100 million mobile ad IDs, and more than 1 trillion data points, which it analyzes to provide high-definition third-party data. Increment’s Qiita is a programming information sharing community site with 5.5 million users, primarily IT engineers and designers in their 20s and 30s. Qiita is highly regarded for its ability to provide technical programming information by producing search results regarding programming questions with articles that enable users to reference the know-how of other users.

With this data collaboration, companies will be able to use the AudienceOne® management screen and based on Qiita user browser history information, target specific professions, such as engineers, as well as specific programming languages, such as Python or Ruby, to deliver ads on any platform linked with AudienceOne®.

Furthermore, by bridging AudienceOne® demographic data with AudienceOne® lifestyle data, even more detailed targeting for ad delivery will be possible. For example, by using data provided by Qiita regarding such attributes as estimated age or estimated income and then combining it with AudienceOne® data, companies can approach “young engineers with a certain level of income” or “users who are engineers and have a high probability of having approval authority” in the area of technical expertise they are seeking.

Through the use and application of data, DAC will support the optimization of client companies’ marketing activities and customer relations to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the online advertising market.

(*1) AudienceOne® integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users. (Japanese only)
(*2) September 11, news release: DAC begins offering Data Exchange on AudienceOne’s management screen, enabling data sales between companies

(*3) Qiita service site :
(*4) A demand-side platform (DSP) provided by DAC’s consolidated subsidiary, Platform One Inc.


<Increments Inc.>

Representative :Hiroshige Umino, President
 Head Office :Shinagawa East One Tower 8F, 2-16-1, Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Established :February 2012

:Development and management of Qiita, a technical information sharing service for programmers

<Corporate Information>
■ D.A.Consortium Inc.
D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is a leader in the online advertising industry. Established in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has played a key role in the market’s formation and development. As a media representative, DAC provides comprehensive support to publishers, ad agencies and other partner companies by purchasing and selling ad space, planning and reporting. It also manages ads through one of Japan’s largest trading desks, develops high-tech solutions and offers a wide range of advertising-related digital marketing services. Under the brand slogan, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC strives to enliven the digital future of the world we live in, making it more dynamic while expanding its potential.

Representative :Masaya Shimada, President & CEO
 Head Office :Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :December 1996

:Online media transaction related business, Solution business,Ad Operations Business

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