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2022年03月 29日
DAC and ALBERT launch an inquiry system utilizing AI for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s LINE official account

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DAC and ALBERT launch an inquiry system utilizing AI for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s LINE official account
~Facilitating accurate and fast access to child-care information~

Tokyo, March 29, 2022 – D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and ALBERT Inc. (ALBERT) is pleased to announce that from April 1st, DialogOne®(*1), a messaging management solution linked with LINE and developed and provided by DAC, will be integrated with ALBERT’s high-performance AI chatbot Sugures to begin supporting Yamaguchi Kosodate AI Concierge, Yamaguchi Prefecture’s LINE official account aimed at child-rearing families. With the implementation of this system, users will be able to more easily and quickly access accurate information about child care to address their questions or concerns.

According to the “Survey of Local Government AI/RPA Verification Tests and Implementation Status”(*3) issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 106 local governments have implemented AI in their operations. More than half at 55 are using chatbots for administrative services and the need among local governments to utilize chatbots is growing nationwide. To improve administrative services, reduce the burden of prefectural citizens and enhance overall support for child care, Yamaguchi Prefecture created a system that responds to prefectural citizens’ questions about a wide variety of child-care issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

DAC’s DialogOne® is a messaging management solution linked with the communication platform LINE that enables interactive communication with users. ALBERT’s Sugures is an AI, high-performance chatbot that optimizes communication for each user. It is already being utilized by many local governments for their child-care consultation systems. For example, Shibuya Ward in Tokyo has implemented a system that links DialogOne® with Sugures to provide ward residents information about child rearing(*4).

DAC and ALBERT will provide two solutions to support Yamaguchi Prefecture’s efforts to provide accurate and speedy information to families with children.

■About Yamaguchi Kosodate AI Concierge
Yamaguchi Kosodate AI Concierge is an AI chatbot that can respond to prefectural citizens’ questions about pregnancy, childbirth, and child care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By combining it with the maternal and child health handbook app Boshimo, the system aims to provide child-rearing families with comprehensive and friendly support.

・A rich menu display that can be expanded from 6 to 12 entries
・AI chatbot that provides automated responses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
・Automated learning using AI and based on user surveys (resolution confirmation data) to enhance precision of answers
・Enables searches about the nearest child-care support center or other facility even from outside the home (within the prefecture, utilizes user location data)

【How to register】
Open the LINE app with the following URL and add as a friend. (Japanese)

■Comment from Tsugumasa Muraoka, governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture
In Yamaguchi Prefecture, to support our goal to “join together to support child rearing,” we are promoting the creation of an environment where young generations can feel safe and secure in starting and raising families. One initiative to achieve this goal is our “Yamaguchi Kosodate AI Concierge,” which uses digital technology to provide a comprehensive child-care support system. Using LINE as the platform, we have begun full-fledged services.

With the start of operations, we have increased the menu display on our LINE official account to facilitate integration with other SNS and apps and to enable centralized access to all types of child-care information, from pregnancy to child rearing. Hopefully, this system will be more convenient and easier to use for busy families who must juggle work with house chores.

The prefecture will collaborate with local municipalities to promote the creation of a family-friendly environment in keeping with the digital era. I hope many people will utilize our new system.

■Future outlook
Bringing together their respective strengths and services and using the huge amount of data accumulated by local governments, DAC and ALBERT will continue to reinforce its efforts to provide convenient, high-quality citizen services and problem resolution support while supporting local governments’ use of LINE official accounts.

(*1)DialogOne® is a LINE-compatible messaging management solution. By bridging customer data owned by companies and governments with social media account data, this solution enables high-precision utilization of LINE. With a wealth of implementation experience, a comprehensive range of functions, and advanced technical expertise, DAC provides organizations comprehensive and customized CRM support. (Japanese)
(*2)Sugures is an artificial intelligence (AI) -equipped high-performance chatbot service. With a unique natural language processing engine, this easy-to-install and operate system has automated response and automated learning functions for constant improvement of response accuracy. In addition, it can be integrated with LINE and a variety of other tools to provide communication that is optimized to each user.
(*3)Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, “Survey of Local Government AI/RPA Verification Tests and Implementation Status” (Japanese)
(*4)February 15, 2017, press release: DAC supports Shibuya Ward’s Child-care Support Service with DialogOne, a solution compatible with LINE Business Connect (Japanese)


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