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2023年05月 16日
DAC’s “LiftOne powered by AaaS,” a service that visualizes ad effect, to begin offering new monitoring/evaluation functions

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DAC’s “LiftOne powered by AaaS,” a service that visualizes ad effect,
to begin offering new monitoring/evaluation functions
〜for more efficient, comprehensive digital TV operations〜

Tokyo, May 16, 2023 – D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that LiftOne powered by AaaS*1 (LiftOne), a dashboard that manages, analyzes and effectively visualizes ad performance data, will begin offering new monitoring and evaluation functions that visualize the effect of digital ads and TV commercials using common indicators. These functions will help realize more integrated ad management operations.

Ever since its launch December 2021,*2 LiftOne has been adopted by many companies to visualize the progress of TV commercial placements and the effectiveness of ads as well as to monitor digital ads. Nonetheless, the need for media planning and reporting that integrates both digital and mass media continues to increase. However, setting KPIs and managing ads across different media is difficult, making it a challenge to maximize results. To respond to these issues, DAC has added new monitoring and evaluation functions to LiftOne.

Key features of LiftOne monitoring/evaluation functions
・Analysis of digital ads and TV commercials using common indicators
With LiftOne’s new functions, ad placement volume of both digital ads and TV commercials and their contribution to various KPIs are displayed on the dashboard using the common indicators. Thanks to this, users can centrally manage the cost effectiveness of each media campaign, which improves the efficiency of integrated media operations. This in turn helps to create a PDCA cycle that is better focused on achieving KPIs.

・Highly detailed efficiency comparisons and synergy verification
With the following new functions, LiftOne helps to optimize the overall marketing budget.
―Integrated monitoring of digital ad and TV commercial performance according to ad performance, such as budget allocation and placement volume
―Evaluation of website visits, app downloads and other KPIs, by day and by media
―Daily confirmation of the impact of TV commercials and digital ads on various indicators

※Common indicators used for comparisons: IMP, CPM, common business indicators (number of web inflows, number of CVs, site inflow unit price, CV acquisition unit price)

With a team of experts in digital ad and TV commerical media planning and reporting, DAC provides one-stop services, from data preparation to reporting and consulting, and supports companies in their integrated media operations. In addition to packaged services, we also develop customized LiftOne dashboards. With the flexibility to design and develop according to ad agency needs, numerous ad agencies are utilizing our services. We will also continue to provide planning, purchasing, analytical and consulting services that maximize TV commercial ad effect.

<Analysis of the integrated digital ad/TV commercial monitoring function

In the future, we will strive to establish and expand services that provide a wide range of support for campaigns, such as the development of digital ad and TV commercial reach measurement functions and indicators necessary for integrated marketing.

DAC will continue to develop and provide services in the areas of planning, buying and monitoring those cross mass media and digital mediato maximize the effectiveness of advertising and support our client companies’ marketing activities.

(※1) About AaaS (Advertising as a Service), a next-generation ad media business model
A next-generation model for the digital transformation of the ad media business that is advocated by Hakuhodo DY Media Partners in anticipation of the shift from reservation-based ads, a long-standing ad industry practice where transactions are based on ad space, to programmatic ads, a business model that seeks to maximize ad effect (trademark registration pending). (Japanese)

(※2) News release of December 7, 2021:DAC introduces “LiftOne powered by AaaS,” an integrated monitoring solution that visualizes digital x TV ad effect


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