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2023年08月 30日
DAC introduces WISE Visualizer, a GA4 data utilization dashboard creation service

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC introduces WISE Visualizer,a GA4 data utilization dashboard creation service
~Incorporates optimal metrics and forecasting models for cross-sectional analysis and utilization of ad and CRM data~

Tokyo, August 30, 2023 ––– D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce the introduction of WISE Visualizer, a dashboard creation service that enables cross-sectional analysis and utilization of digital ads, CRM and other company-owned data using Google Analytics 4 (GA4). WISE Visualizer helps support companies in their data marketing efforts in today’s increasingly complex world of acquiring and utilizing web behavior data. With this service, companies will be enable to focus on analyzing business results without relearning Google Analytics (GA) .

In the post-cookie era, the importance of gathering and utilizing first-party data for digital marketing has increased. However, the diversification of user behavior has resulted in greater data volume and complexity. The cost of introducing new data analysis technologies and the lack of analysts versed with the various tools have become significant challenges. In response, GA, which many companies in Japan utilize for website access analysis, has upgraded from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4. While UA and GA4 both have several attractive features, their specifications differ in many ways, and many companies are expressing such frustrations as, “We have incorporated GA4 but are unable to understand all the specifications” or “We are no longer able to conduct business in the same manner as in the past.”

As a certified partner for Google Analytics™, Google Tag Manager™, Google Search Ads 360™ and Google Cloud™, DAC has used a variety of Google solutions to support corporate marketing activities. Harnessing this wealth of experience and knowledge, DAC has developed and will begin offering WISE Visualizer, a dashboard service that analyzes and displays in an easy-to-understand manner data that companies have gathered using GA4. With this service, companies will be able to analyze and utilize ad and CRM data in a cross-sectional manner more effectively.

■WISE Visualizer
WISE Visualizer will enable users to create dashboards using GA4data with first-party and third-party data linked to GA4. Furthermore, because it uses raw data exported from GA4 to Google Cloud’s data warehouse BigQuery(*2), WISE Visualizer produces reports using complex analytical methods not available on the GA4 report screen.

■Service features
1.  More effective data analysis with indicators optimized to the client company’s marketing needs
By constructing a dashboard with indicators optimized to each company’s marketing needs, WISE Visualizer enables easy-to-understand visualization of necessary information. Because WISE Visualizer significantly reduces the burden of collecting and processing data needed to create reports, companies can focus their energies on determining and evaluating results and planning and finetuning strategies. In addition, by constructing a dashboard, subsequent data that is collected is automatically reflected for ongoing analysis of results.

① Dashboard of ABC analysis results of an EC site’s revenue by product
Sales trends can be visualized by categorizing products based on the percentage of repeat customers and used for planning sales promotional activities and budget allocations.

②User analysis that estimates brand interest
Based on website behavior and other data, the level of user interest in a brand can be estimated for clustering.

2. DAC’s original indicators, forecast models and detailed customization not available with GA4
Because WISE Visualizer is a service developed in-house by DAC, it offers original indicators and forecast models not available with GA4. These functions allow users to refer to indicators directly related to business results, such as LTV (Lifetime Value) by product category, so that they can forecast purchases on their EC sites. In addition, it allows for detailed customization according to a company’s marketing goals and customer data collection status

3. Comprehensive support from GA4 implementation to utilization
For companies that have yet to implement GA4 or have not been able to utilize it fully, DAC will support the optimal utilization of WISE Visualizer(*3) by proposing GA4 implementation/design plans tailored to each company’s business needs. In addition, with WISE Visualizer, we can provide UA indicators, which are no longer available with GA4’s default user interface. We can help customers get the most out of GA4 while lowering the costs associated with learning new specifications.

DAC will continue to actively research and develop services that contribute to our client companies’ marketing activities.

*Google, Google Analytics™, Google Tag Manager™, Google Search Ads 360™ and Google Cloud™ are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

(*1) Google Analytics: Acquired certification in September 2015.
Google Tag Manager: Acquired certification in May 2021.
Google Search Ads 360: Acquired certification in March 2022.
Google Cloud: Certified as a partner in March 2018.
(*2) About BigQuery: (Japanese)
(*3) GA4 implementation support services are available for a separate fee from WISE Visualizer.Please inquire for details.


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