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2024年01月 16日
DAC enhances its AudienceOne® data analysis service using the cloud data platform “Snowflake”

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC enhances its AudienceOne® data analysis service
using the cloud data platform “Snowflake”
~Providing companies a more flexible environment for in-depth data
aggregation and effect forecasting~

Tokyo, January 16, 2024 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce the launch of new services utilizing Snowflake, a cloud data platform service developed and offered by Snowflake Inc. For the first phase of the rollout, DAC will link its DMP AudienceOne®(*1) with Snowflake and provide services that enable more flexible analysis of AudienceOne® data.

■About Snowflake
Snowflake is a cloud data platform used by thousands of companies in numerous industries.(*2) Using Snowflake’s data cloud, siloed data is integrated and can be safely extracted and shared to promote data applications and even implement a variety of AI/ML models and analytical workloads. In addition, it provides a singular consistent experience across clouds and regions regardless of where the data or users are located.

Service background
In recent years, the importance of data-driven marketing initiatives has grown, drawing more focus on data cleanrooms, data exchanges and other data analysis environments that take user privacy into consideration. In the past, data utilization was hindered by insufficient data for analysis in terms of both volume and quality and a lack of analytical operational knowledge. Many companies are striving to resolve these issues through DX of data infrastructures and are considering implementing cloud data platforms.

Until now, DAC has been offering reporting services utilizing AudienceOne®︎. However, with advances in data infrastructures due to DX as mentioned above, more companies are expressing a desire to conduct data analysis on their own, to conduct log-level analyses, or to make estimates or forecasts using log data. To respond to these needs, DAC has decided to develop services that use Snowflake, a cloud data platform that securely integrates and shares data and has been adopted by numerous companies both in Japan and overseas.

■Service summary and characteristics
For the first phase of the rollout, DAC will reinforce and expand the breadth of its AudienceOne® data analysis services by integrating first-party data and creating an environment where client companies can use Snowflake to perform in-depth data aggregation, effect forecasting, and other forms of data analysis more flexibly.

1. Advanced data aggregation and analysis using client company website behavioral log data and AudienceOne® data
Company website behavioral log data acquired using AudienceOne® tags and third-party data owned by AudienceOne® (data on estimated attributes, interests, etc.) can be used on a log level. This enables advanced data aggregation and analysis, forecasts using machine learning, and optimized ad deliveries. Because data integration or other forms of data pre-processing is not required, data analysis can be conducted and utilized immediately.

2. Template queries and reader accounts
Using DAC’s template queries, users can analyze data without SQL or other code knowledge. Template queries enable calculations of CV probability and other statistics for forecast analysis. Companies that have adopted Snowflake can combine third-party data owned by AudienceOne® with their own company data in the Snowflake environment for further analysis. Companies that have yet to adopt Snowflake can also do this by using DAC’s reader account to create a Snowflake environment.

3.Support provided by DAC data analysts
For advanced analysis that goes beyond template queries, DAC will provide support from data analysts who are experienced in building machine learning models in the digital advertising field. In addition to analytical skills, we can also provide feedback and other support regarding analytical results.

DAC will continue to develop services that are linked with Snowflake Marketplace or utilize Streamlit in Snowflake(*4) to contribute to our client companies’ marketing activities.

(*1) AudienceOne® is one of Japan’s largest data management platforms (DMP) with over 100 million mobile ad IDs and a huge volume of data, which is analyzed to generate and provide high-precision third-party data. It links, integrates and analyzes both offline and online purchase history and location data with CRM, ad delivery results, panel research results and a variety of other forms of data to aid in visualization. Using a patented technology, it also features a cross-device, cross-channel estimate function. Utilizing a wealth of linked channels, AudienceOne®offers a full-funnel, high-precision marketing environment to provide a wide range of measurements, from new customer acquisition to improvements in LTV among existing customers.  (Japanese)
(*2) As of July 31, 2023, this includes 639 companies in the 2023 Forbes Global 2000.


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