AudienceOne® Data Usage Policy

This page explains use of data concerning Internet users in the data management platform (DMP), AudienceOne® (hereinafter referred to as "Service"), which is managed by D.A.Consortium Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). This page also constitutes part of, and complements, the Company's privacy policy. The terms used on this page are in conformance with the Company's privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy"). To read the Privacy Policy, please click this link.

1. About AudienceOne®

The Service integrates, analyzes, and visualizes Internet users' browsing history on websites and mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as "Applications"), results of advertising deliveries, data obtained by advertisers and media companies using the Service (hereinafter users of the Service are collectively referred to as "Users"), and data provided from third parties for marketing activities such as advertising deliveries.
This increases the number of chances for Internet users to come into contact with advertising they are interested in or concerned about and reduces their chances of viewing unnecessary advertising they have little interest in.

*Please visit here for details of the Service.

2. Data usage in AudienceOne®

(1)Kind of Major data acquired

 ① The major kinds of data acquired by the Company on its own initiative
  a)Data concerning the use of Web browsers

・IDs written in Cookies
・URLs of web pages visited by Internet users using browsers on their computer or mobile device
 (e.g., smartphones, tablets) and also, the dates and times of such visits

・IP addresses

・User agents

  b)Data concerning the use of Applications
・The advertising-dedicated device identifier provided by the operating systems of various smartphones
  (Advertising Identifier for iOS, Advertising ID for Android)
・Name of Application and the dates and times of use

・IP addresses

・User agents

 ② The major kinds of data acquired by the Company from third parties

・Survey panel data
・Location data of devices

・Purchase data

However, the Company does not acquire, without Internet users' consent, any Special care-required personal information as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act as well as any data that is considered to be sensitive such as race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, health condition, and participation status of labor unions, etc.

(2)Data Acquisition Method and Opt-out
① The Company acquires data through the communications between systems by utilizing a program embedded in Websites or Applications of Users. In addition, in order to help Users to incorporate data of their websites or CRM systems into the Service for analysis and utilization, the Company engages in management of such data.

② The Company acquires data collected on the Company's various platforms (e.g., MarketOne®, YIELDONE, XmediaOne®)

③ The Company receives data that are acquired by third parties in accordance with agreements and applicable laws and regulations.

(3)Purpose of use of data
① Analysis of audience data
The Service categorizes Internet users into groups in which individuals are not identified (hereinafter referred to as "Segments") in terms of specific conditions such as interest, concern, and generation that can be assumed from acquired data. Such segment data is used for marketing purposes, and this compiled data is called audience data. Such analyses are never used for identifying Internet user individuals. Also, the Company does not conduct any analysis to understand sensitive information that may lead to violation of Internet users' rights.

② Delivery of advertising and report preparation on the Company's various platforms (e.g., MarketOne®, YIELDONE, XmediaOne®)

③ Delivery of advertising and report preparation on third-party systems
When Segments are interfaced with an advertising delivery service in collaboration with the Service in a manner suitable for its system (e.g., Cookie Sync, Piggy Back, advertising-dedicated device identifier), such service will be able to use data of the Service. For the privacy policy and opt-out (stop targeted advertising delivery) of advertising delivery companies in collaboration with the Service, Please click here.

Ad delivery companies with whom we interface data

④ Data provision to third parties
The Company provides data on a segment-by-segment basis to Users, including advertising delivery companies, media companies, advertising agencies, and advertisers.

(4)Data retention period
IDs written in Cookies and advertising-dedicated device identifiers issued by OS companies will be retained for two years from the last date of acquisition.

3. Verification, modification, and stopping use of segment data

The Service offers the function of “advertising setting” that allows Internet users by themselves to verify, modify or stop the use of data concerning their attributes, interest or concern assumed by the Company so that the Company can secure transparency on its data processing to provide more relevant information.

AudienceOne® ad settings (Japanese)

4. Stop the data analysis and use in Service

If you do not want your data to be analyzed, utilized for advertisement delivery, or provided to third parties by the Service, follow the procedure below.

(1)When using a browser (acquisition using Cookies)
Click the link below.

Opt-out of targeted advertising via AudienceOne®

You will also need to opt-out again if they change their browser, delete cookies, or change to a new computer or device.

(2)When using an application (acquisition using advertising-dedicated device identifier)

You will need to follow a different procedure for each smartphone OS. For details, visit the website of Data Driven Advertising Initiative (DDAI).
However, doing so will only stop the delivery of targeted advertising by the Service, and will not stop the delivery of advertising itself.

5. Data security control measures

The Company will conform with the "Guidelines for Behavioral Advertising" set forth by the Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA), and in its handling of Informative Data will take and strictly manage security control measures in order to prevent any Informative Data unauthorized access or leakage, or Informative Data ruination, destruction or damage (including any loss, corruption, or manipulation), and will continuously review, correct and improve the content and methods in such measures.

6. Revisions to this page

The Company will continuously examine and improve its information control system. In the process, the content of this page may be revised. For any revisions, the Company will notify Internet users at an appropriate time depending on the changes, either on this website or on another website managed by the Company, or by any other method deemed appropriate by the Company. The revisions will take effect from the date separately specified by the Company.

7. Contact for Inquiries/Complaints

Please direct any opinions, questions, or complaints regarding the handling of information held by the Company stipulated on this page, or otherwise regarding this page to the email address below.

Established on April 19, 2019


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