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2017年06月 26日
DAC assists NTT Docomo with launch of “Japan Welcome SIM™”, a prepaid SIM service for visitors to Japan

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC assists NTT Docomo with launch of “Japan Welcome SIM™”,
a prepaid SIM service for visitors to Japan
- Supports system development, designs and helps sell video ads -

Tokyo, June 26, 2017 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce its involvement in developing a prepaid SIM service for visitors to Japan being launched by NTT Docomo, “Japan Welcome SIM™“(*1). DAC has assisted with system development and designed ad products for the service, and is also providing support with sales.

As the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics approach in 2020, the Japanese inbound tourism market is expanding and digital marketing is attracting increasing interest as a potential means of tapping the resulting growth in tourism demand. In response DAC has been strengthening up its inbound tourism business across the group, particularly through its “Irasshaimase Japan!™(Welcome to Japan!)” initiative(*2), a solution offered on a group-wide basis. It has also been a market leader in development of ad technology and brought out many of its own services in that field. DAC’s expertise in designing and selling ad products as a media representative, coupled with its track record and technical prowess in the ad technology field, resulted in the present collaboration with NTT Docomo on developing the new service.

The “Japan Welcome SIM™” service to be offered by NTT Docomo will give visitors to Japan 15 days’ access to the Docomo network. After applying on a dedicated website prior to departure, they will pick up their SIM card(*3) at the airport upon arriving in Japan. By viewing video ads and filling out a survey on the dedicated website in their home country before visiting to Japan, users will gain a certain amount of high-speed data access. They will then enjoy that amount of data access using their SIM card during their stay in Japan(*4).

DAC assisted with developing this prepaid SIM service and also designing ad products for the dedicated “Japan Welcome SIM™” website, thus creating a new advertising channel for companies to promote their products to visitors from overseas before and during their stay in Japan. Having them watch video ads and complete a survey makes it possible to gauge their level of awareness and understanding of the product or service being promoted. Also to be offered as options: translation into five languages and video production services.

The architecture used for this ad serving system incorporates several solutions, including the DAC ad server “FlexOne®(*5) and its progress management tool “ad-meister™”(*6). It thus streamlines serving of video ads and allows more efficient tracking of progress.

DAC will, in partnership with media companies of all stripes, continue to work enthusiastically on developing and strengthening solutions by applying its knowledge and technical expertise in the field of digital marketing. After all, we are committed to creating an environment where companies and consumers can communicate more smoothly.

(*1) Japan Welcome SIM™ is a registered trademark of NTT Docomo.
(*2) See our news release of July 19, 2016, “Irasshaimase Japan!™(Welcome to Japan!)” launched, an all-in-one digital marketing solution for the inbound tourism business”.
(*3) A SIM card is a smart card used in GSM and W-CDMA cellular phones, which carries an ID number identifying the subscriber.
(*4) Three plans will be available: Plan Zero, which is free, and Plan 1000 and Plan 1700, for which a fee will be charged. Plan Zero (to be available from October 2017) will provide 15 days’ free Internet access at 128 Kbps to visitors who have viewed eligible video ads in their home country prior to arriving in Japan.
(*5) FlexOne® is an integrated platform developed and offered by DAC that enables media companies to distribute ads more efficiently.
(*6) ad-meister™ is a tool developed and offered by DAC that helps media companies with the essential task of managing the progress of their advertising operations, thus streamlining functions.


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