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2017年10月 25日
Hakuhodo DY Group, Tealium, and TIS form Team AIM (Audience Integrated Marketing) to provide one-stop marketing support with new and existing customer development, while Hakuhodo and Tealium conclude a marketing partnership

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Hakuhodo DY Group, Tealium, and TIS form Team AIM (Audience Integrated Marketing) to provide one-stop marketing support with new and existing customer development, while Hakuhodo and Tealium conclude a marketing partnership

Tokyo, October 25, 2017 --- Tokyo-based Hakuhodo Inc. and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc., along with California-based Tealium Inc., Tokyo-based TIS Inc., a member of the TIS INTEC Group, and Tokyo-based D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC), Hakuhodo i-studio Inc., and Hakuhodo DY digital Inc., all members of the Hakuhodo DY Group, are pleased to announce the formation of Team AIM (Audience Integrated Marketing), a project team dedicated to providing one-stop marketing support with new and existing customer development. Hakuhodo and Tealium concluded a marketing partnership prior to the team’s formation.

The team will help companies successfully meet their ever more complex marketing needs using Sei-katsu-sha DMP1, the Hakuhodo DY Group’s marketing data platform, and the Universal Data Hub2 service offered by Tealium.

One-stop marketing support with new and existing customer development tapping first-party and sei-katsu-sha data

Overview of Team AIM (Audience Integrated Marketing)

With the spread of smart devices and the resulting proliferation of marketing channels, raising the level of corporate marketing requires linking not only the data on consumers’ behavior that already possessed but also data on their online behavior and purchase behavior that is not.

Team AIM, formed by the Hakuhodo DY Group, Tealium, and TIS3, is a one-stop destination for acquiring and developing customers who will be lucrative in the medium to long term. It provides cutting-edge marketing services by integrating audience data that throws light on consumers’ inner psychology and various behaviors.

The team will provide support with all the requisites of effective digital marketing—designing marketing KPIs, embedding tags, defining system requirements, managing ads and implementing CRM, reporting on data analytics, installing BI tools, optimizing spending with statistical analysis technology—while offering stable speed and establishing a high-quality implementation regime. It will guide clients to success in their digital marketing efforts by delivering a wide range of valuable services, including optimization of digital advertising, analysis of sei-katsu-sha insights, and construction of digital marketing platforms. Hakuhodo and Tealium concluded a marketing partnership prior to the formation of Team AIM.

Some of the services the team will provide
• Optimizing ad placement with frequency control
• Streamlining and enhancing the marketing PDCA process with BI tools
• Accurately identifying users with advanced statistical analysis tools
• Enriching user profiling and insight analysis using the Sei-katsu-sha DMP
• Developing potential customers through linkage with AudienceOne
• Coordination with client’s private DMP

1. Hakuhodo DY Group’s proprietary Sei-katsu-sha DMP
The Hakuhodo DY Group is developing its Sei-katsu-sha Data Management Platform (DMP) as a platform for planning, executing, and managing all forms of marketing activity. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, it combines the sei-katsu-sha data that the Hakuhodo DY Group has itself amassed with other forms of data that have become available with advances in digital technology: real-time data on sei-katsu-sha’s information behavior and shopping patterns, 365 days a year, and data on their media and content consumption and preferences.Linking this data on sei-katsu-sha with client’s first-party data lets them better understand their audience by tapping a full range of information, and deliver the optimum message to the optimum audience in real time.AudienceOne, for example, a DMP developed and offered by DAC, comes with a thousand types of audience profile data based on online behavioral data, plus third-party data on over 480 million unique browsers per month, a figure virtually unrivaled in Japan.Data linkage with AudienceOne enables clients to analyze sei-katsu-sha’s personas, not just identifying demographic attributes like sex and age but also gaining insights into their interests from data on website visits and GPS data, and determining their stage of life based on purchase data. AudienceOne can also be used to develop potential customers.
2. Universal Data Hub from Tealium
Tealium’s Universal Data Hub is a vendor-neutral platform that can be linked with more than a thousand marketing tools and services worldwide. It solves a big challenge in digital marketing by taking a plethora of isolated, geographically separated data sources and integrating them in the cloud in real time—not only website information from tags, but also smartphone app and social media use, ad creative preferences as revealed by A/B testing, history of contacts with the customer as tracked through CRM, and data on purchase history at bricks-and-mortar stores. It thus lets you deliver a better user experience. The information gathered on each specific individual is updated in real time in the form of life events and linked with existing marketing tools to assist you in implementing timely actions customized to that individual. More than 750 leading global companies trust Tealium and use its data hub. See the Tealium website for details (
3. TIS
TIS provides a multitude of IT solutions including system integration and development outsourcing as well as data center and cloud services. It is IT partner to more than 3,000 companies in Japan and worldwide in such areas as finance, manufacturing, retail and services, the public sector, and telecommunications. It supports firms with their data marketing by drawing on its track record with TIS Marketing Canvas, its proprietary integrated marketing solution, and applying the experience and IT technology it has built up over the years as IT partner to many companies.(

To learn more, please contact:
Corporate Public Relations Division, Hakuhodo Inc./Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. (Tel: 03-6441-6161)
Japan Partner Business Director, Tealium Japan Inc. (Tel: 03-4578-9721)
Corporate Communication Dept., Corprate Planning SBU., TIS Inc. (Email:
Corporate Strategy Group Public Relations, D.A.Consortium Inc. (Email:
Public Relations Team, Corporate Planning Division, Hakuhodo i-studio Inc. (Tel: 03-5219-7177; Fax: 03-5219-8105)
Corporate Strategy Division Public Relations, Hakuhodo DY digital Inc. (Tel: 03-6441-7888)


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