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2018年06月 06日
DAC forms capital partnership with video analytics service provider Eviry Inc.

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC forms capital partnership with video analytics service provider Eviry Inc.

Tokyo, June 6, 2018 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has invested in a private placement of new shares offered by Tokyo-based video analytics service provider Eviry Inc. With this move DAC is now able to deliver video content of value to consumers by leveraging Eviry’s video analytics service “kamui tracker”. It also aims to provide effective video marketing for advertisers.

Demand for video advertising is mounting by the year as society goes digital. With videos made by influencers gaining ever more attention, digital marketers need to take action such as recruiting video creators. These developments make it more important than ever to have a broad range of statistical data and insights on video content and viewing patterns, yet gathering and analyzing statistical and video creator data spanning a multitude of platforms requires immense time, advanced technology, and considerable expertise. To meet that challenge, DAC has decided to invest in Eviry as a way of strengthening its capabilities in the video marketing and influencer marketing fields.

■About “kamui tracker” from Eviry

It gathers and analyzes statistical data on videos available on major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Japan’s Niconico and stores it in a database. It has the advantage of enabling videos posted on multiple platforms to be compared on such criteria as content, number of views, and engagement rate. Besides performing cross-analysis of YouTube and other social platforms, it also allows advertisers to search for the creators best suited to their campaign and commission creators they want to work with to produce videos. The service, launched in March 2017, can analyze over 25 million video data points and has over 110,000 creators on file (as of June 2018). It is already used by leading IT firms and game developers.

DAC is also considering establishing a business partnership with Eviry and working more closely with it through linkages with DAC’s own portfolio of solutions like XmediaOne (*1), DialogOne (*2), and AudienceOne (*3).

By delivering services that capitalize on the latest technology and expertise in the field of video marketing, DAC will continue working to promote the evolution of digital marketing and the digital advertising market.

(*1) XmediaOne is an integrated platform that supports hybrid media planning for both reservation ads and programmatic ads. It is coordinated with third-party ad serving and DAC’s AudienceOne (see below).
(*2) DialogOne® is a messaging service management solution developed by DAC that has received LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program’s highest Sales Partner Diamond ranking in the LINE Biz Account category. In addition to LINE Business Connect, it is linked with chatbot functions for Facebook Messenger and others.
(*3) AudienceOne is Japan’s largest Data Management Platform (DMP) with 480M unique browser cookies, 90M mobile ad IDs and 1 trillion data points to provide high-definition third party data through analysis. AudienceOne integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users.


<About Eviry Inc.>

 Representative :Keisuke Nakagawa, President
 Head Office :Holland Hills Mori Tower RoP 907, 5-11-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Established :October 2, 2006

:Cloud business, Marketing support business, Media business

Corporate Information> 
D.A.Consortium Inc.
D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is a leader in the online advertising industry. Established in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has played a key role in the market’s formation and development. As a media representative, DAC provides comprehensive support to publishers, ad agencies and other partner companies by purchasing and selling ad space, planning and reporting. It also manages ads through one of Japan’s largest trading desks, develops high-tech solutions and offers a wide range of advertising-related digital marketing services. Under the brand slogan, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC strives to empower the digital future of the world we live in, making it more dynamic while expanding its potential.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, President & CEO
 Head Office :Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 Established :December 1996

:Online media transaction related business, Solution business,
  Ad Operations Business

※DAC is a 100% subsidiary of D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.

D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.

 Representative :Masaya Shimada, Representative Director & President
 Head Office :Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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