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2018年06月 08日
DAC’s “DialogOne®” syncs “LINE Business Connect” with “LINE Customer Connect”

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC’s “DialogOne®” syncs “LINE Business Connect” with “LINE Customer Connect”
-- New service debuts on AEON Bank’s LINE Official Account --

Tokyo, June 8, 2018 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has begun using its messaging management solution DialogOne®(*1) to sync LINE Business Connect (*2) with LINE Customer Connect (*3). This new synchronization service debuted on May 30 on the LINE Official Account of Tokyo-based Aeon Bank Co., Ltd (AEON Bank), whose LINE Customer Connect service was developed by Tokyo-based KDDI Evolva, Inc.

■Advantage of syncing LINE Business Connect with LINE Customer Connect:
Seamless service delivery on LINE, from push notifications to customer support
LINE Business Connect facilitates two-way communication between businesses and users. LINE Customer Connect facilitates customer support. Syncing the two empowers companies to communicate seamlessly with users on LINE whether sending messages to them (“push” communications) or taking inquiries from them (“pull” communications). By using AI technology, companies can then deal instantly with users’ inquiries both inside and outside office hours; they can also send visuals relevant to the inquiry, or actively engage with users by pushing notifications from their customer support center. Leveraging AI technology in this way promises to save manpower and money while delivering seamless communication and boosting customer satisfaction.

■The AEON Bank project
AEON Bank already uses DialogOne® as a marketing tool to communicate with customers via LINE Business Connect, and offers an AI-based automated chat service on its website. Syncing the two LINE services means that AEON Bank can, via its LINE Official Account, now offer personalized, hybrid customer support combining an AI chatbot (Auto Reply) with live chat (Manual Reply).

What the user sees on their smartphone
The user selects the “Chat inquiry” option from the Rich Menu. First their question is processed by the automated AI chat service; then they are connected to an operator as needed. Inquiries can be fully dealt with 24/7 year round via AEON Bank’s LINE Official Account.

Having successfully synced LINE Business Connect with LINE Customer Connect on AEON Bank’s LINE Official Account, DAC is now ready to do the same for many other companies. DAC will continue working hard to enhance the features of DialogOne® as a way to assist companies in their marketing efforts.

(*1) A messaging service management solution compatible with LINE Business Connect and Facebook Messenger. It enables advertisers to make more effective use of their social accounts by combining the customer information in their possession with social account information. That makes it possible to communicate one-to-one with individual users by delivering personalized messages.
(*2) A service of LINE Corporation offering account features to businesses over an API, along with the ability to customize them. Using LINE Business Connect, companies can do more than simply send out one-way messages to LINE users as with a conventional official corporate account; they can also target specific users with more personalized messages. Further, with the user’s consent, LINE Business Connect can, by syncing a company’s LINE account with its existing database or in-house systems, be turned into a customer relationship management (CRM) tool and business solution that is much more than just a messaging tool. (LINE Corporation does not retain corporate customer data linked to LINE accounts.)
(*3) A customer support service for corporations designed to minimize lost opportunities and personnel costs by enabling smoother communication between users and companies and thus dramatically improving convenience. It consists of four components — Auto Reply, Manual Reply, LINE to Call, and Call to LINE — which can be implemented individually or as a package. Implementation requires a LINE Customer Connect-compatible account plus a third-party CRM tool offered by a LINE Customer Connect Technology Partner.
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