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2018年10月 04日
DAC, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and Hakuhodo i-studio offer content marketing solution for regional vitalization together with Magazine House

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D.A.Consortium Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

DAC, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and Hakuhodo i-studio offer content marketing solution for regional vitalization together with Magazine House

Tokyo, October 4, 2018 --- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC), Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. (Hakuhodo DYMP), and Hakuhodo i-studio Inc. (Hakuhodo i-studio) together with Magazine House Co., Ltd. (Magazine House) are set to commence provision of Local Marketing Studio, a solution designed to support content marketing for regional vitalization.

DAC, Hakuhodo i-studio and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.’s content marketing support team #SHAKER (*1) will offer the solution and support regional vitalization as a unit able to implement integrated content marketing that leverages not only Hakuhodo DY Group solutions, but the solutions of partner companies (see appendix).

Until now, regional information distributed by destination marketing organizations(DMOs (*2)), companies, local authorities, tourism bureaus, government bodies and others in each region has been scattered here and there, preventing attractive content from being utilized in marketing. Accordingly, sei-katsu-sha wishing to visit such regions have found it difficult to make use of information on the region, and information providers have been unclear about information pathways, making the task of conveying the attractions of their region difficult.

To solve these and other problems, #SHAKER entered into a new collaboration with Magazine House to develop Local Marketing Studio, a solution that offers integrated proposals from information dissemination strategy planning to implementation of measures for government bodies, companies and others looking to promote the charms of their region.

In terms of content production, together with Magazine House and other media companies the solution combines content from local media that disseminate regional revitalization and local information in each region, such as magazines, guides, local newspapers and broadcasting stations, and solutions provided by Hakuhodo DY Group companies. The selection and use of optimal content is handled by Magazine House’s local network medium, colocal.

■#SHAKER’s Local Marketing Studio service
Four key functions deliver integrated proposals incorporating information dissemination strategy planning, content production / procuration / curation, content delivery and use promotion, media and influencer measures to amplify information, and implementation support.

In addition, a one-stop support service for collaborating with Hakuhodo DY Group companies when necessary for all kinds of marketing measures, from regional promotion consulting to target analysis, digital marketing measures, online campaigns and e-commerce, will also be introduced.

Through this initiative, DAC, Hakuhodo DYMP, and HAKUHODO i-studio will contentize the attractions of various regions and systematize the circulation of information using optimal channels, providing solutions to the challenges of attracting customers faced by government bodies and companies in various regions and contributing to the expansion of new profits for media companies.

(*1) DAC and HAKUHODO i-studio form the project team “#SHAKER” to support content marketing
(*2) Organization that plays a leadership role in creating tourist destinations (in Japanese)


About Magazine House’s colocal
A local network medium, colocal is a web magazine covering regional Japan. It is a leading medium shining a spotlight on the appeal of local culture, design, art, lifestyles, food, shopping, accommodation, nature, people, and dialects across the Japanese archipelago. The network colocal has built is also able to provide consulting on the dissemination of local information, as well as websites, from building to operation.

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