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2020年02月 26日
DAC unveils its redesigned “AudienceOne®“ DMP

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D.AConsortium Inc.

DAC unveils its redesigned “AudienceOne®“ DMP

Tokyo, February 26, 2020--- D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that it has totally redesigned its data management platform (DMP) AudienceOne®(*1) and starting today, will unveil a new management screen and logo. New functions and other features will be steadily added by May 2020.

AudienceOne®, developed and provided by DAC, is one of Japan’s largest DMP (data management platform) with more than 100 million mobile ad IDs and other data. In addition to online data related to hobbies and interests, it can link purchasing data, postal code data and other offline data. Another feature is a patented technology(*2) that enables cross estimation over smartphone applications and browsers (including PCs). Because of its wealth of high-quality data that can be flexibly customized for analysis and delivery to create a wide variety of segments, AudienceOne® is frequently used to develop new ad products. Improvements to its services are incorporated on a regular and ongoing basis and as a result, it has been implemented by numerous companies as a solution to their marketing problems ever since its introduction in 2013.

■Summary of the new design
In addition to a new, warm logo, the redesigned AudienceOne® has a more intuitive UI that overcomes the need for an instruction manual. This improved work environment reduces the time required to complete tasks and better meets corporate needs as a solution.

1. A new menu structure that matches work flow
The menu has been newly structured to better match work flow from planning to data utilization stages. In addition, a home screen has been added for updates about segment links, aggregate result reports and other information.

2. A segment creation function with criteria that can be visually selected
A new simple mode has been created to match the level of complexity of the segment criteria.

[Simple mode] Enables selection of segment criteria using a Venn diagram
Detailed mode] As in the past, enables selection of detailed criteria of four or more groups

3. A cross search function to determine the number of target users (※to be newly added)
Plans are underway to implement a function that indicates user volume (UU) of each target (segment) by searching key words across each category(*3) of AudienceOne® and partner company data for each website and application.

4. A comparative analysis function that offers a better grasp of target characteristics users (※to be newly added)
Plans are underway to introduce a “lift analysis” function that grasps trends by comparing multiple created segments gainst overall AudienceOne® content by percentage as well as a “volume comparison” function that grasps trends by comparing the volumes of multiple created segments.

New additions in functions and other features will be rolled out steadily for an entirely new website design. The latest developments will be posted on the AudienceOne® management screen.

With data becoming increasingly important for corporate marketing activities, DAC will continue to develop new functions and services in order to support the data business from both the demand and supply sides.

(※1)AudienceOne integrates various data to analyze and visualize users’ behavior, CRM, advertising campaign and panel survey results, which provide marketers an environment where they can pursue new user acquisition and improve LTV of existing users. (Japanese)
(※2)Patent No.5891331: Information processor, information processing method and program March 24, 2016, press release: DAC begins offering a new cross-device service using patented data analysis technology. (Japanese)
(※3) AudienceOne® has a huge volume of data related to gender, age, yearly income and other demographic data, approximately 1,400 types of data related to hobbies and interests (psychographic data) as well as specialized data provided by AudienceOne® partner companies (Data Exchange). For more information on the Data Exchange service, please refer to the press release indicated below.
September 11, 2018, press release: DAC begins offering Data Exchange on AudienceOne’s management screen, enabling data sales between companies


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