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2023年05月 31日
DAC releases the beta version of “Recommendation Message for LINE Official Accounts Powered by Criteo”

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC releases the beta version of
“Recommendation Message for LINE Official Accounts Powered by Criteo”
~155% improvement in CTR、452% improvement in CTVR~

Tokyo, May 31, 2023 ––– D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce that following verification tests with Criteo, a global commerce media company, it will release the beta version of Recommendation Message for LINE Official Accounts Powered by Criteo. Utilizing Criteo’s AI technologies and large scale of commerce data, this new service will enable companies to provide highly relevant and personalized content to communicate more effectively with users in ways that will contribute to higher conversion rates and sales.

Ever since LINE introduced corporate services in 2012, DAC has promoted one-to-one communication between users and companies that utilize LINE through DialogOne®(*1), which it developed and provides. In addition, DAC has long been actively working to take full advantage of Criteo’s services by linking the DMP AudienceOne®(*2) in 2017 and obtaining Data Feed Partner and Tag Partner certification under Criteo’s Criteo Tech Partner Program in 2022(*3).

Recommendation Message for LINE Official Accounts Powered by Criteo, now available in the beta version, is a solution that enhances user engagement by analyzing users’ interests using Criteo’s large-scale commerce data and AI technologies and then delivering optimized and personalized recommendation messages. With this solution, combined with the usual LINE Official Account communication tools, companies can deliver personalized content that matches the interests of users whose needs are becoming increasingly diverse.

After beginning its collaboration with Criteo(*4), DAC conducted a proof-of-concept (PoC) experiment with the cooperation of XNOS-Xebio Communication Networks before the release of the beta version. The results of that experiment were as follows:

Problem before implementation: While the segment delivery function was used to improve delivery efficiency by user group, delivery efficiency needed to be further enhanced and linked to sales.

Results after implementation: When personalized product recommendations were sent based on interest information obtained through ID matching, interest in the messages rose and the number of users who made purchases increased approximately 4.5 times compared to regular messages.

<Actual delivery example>

■Comment from Noriko Ban, assistant director, Marketing Division, XNOS-Xebio Communication Networks
“Some of the challenges we faced in increasing sales through the distribution of messages on our LINE Official Account were: 1) content was heavily weighted toward sales and coupon information and 2) we were not able to send out personalized information to friends who had anonymous or unlinked LINE accounts. We worked with Criteo, a company we trust for ad delivery, to conduct a PoC utilizing an AI engine (for recommendations). As a result, we were able to provide product information through dynamic deliveries. In addition, by linking with Criteo, we were able to send out information that matched the interests of users who were not yet linked with a LINE account. This resulted in a 452% increase in CTVR compared to conventional deliveries. We expect to further maximize the effectiveness of this service by increasing the ID match rate, the number of ads distributed and the quality of product information.”

■Grace Fromm, Managing Director APAC Marketing Solutions and Japan Representative, Criteo
"We are pleased that this solution has produced positive outcomes during the PoC (Proof of Concept) conducted in collaboration with LINE technology partners. This solution is anticipated to be adopted by numerous companies and brands, enabling them to increase conversions and sales while providing exceptional user experience for LINE Official Accounts users. Criteo is committed to supporting the digital marketing ecosystem by providing technologies and solutions that align with needs of the market."

DAC will continue to work with LINE and Criteo in a strong partnership to provide various solutions that support client companies’ marketing activities.

(*1)DialogOne® is a messaging management solution that is linked with the communication platform, LINE. By combining customer information owned by companies and government agencies with social account and other information, DialogOne® enables more sophisticated use of LINE. With an extensive track record in terms of implementation, a broad range of functions, and highly advanced technologies, it provides companies and government agencies comprehensive support for their CRM initiatives.
(*2)News release of September 10, 2019:DAC’s DMP ”AudienceOne®” forms alliance with Criteo
(*3)News release of May 26, 2022:DAC certified as a Data Feed Partner and a Tag Partner under the Criteo Tech Partner program
(*4)News release of March 22, 2023:DAC and Criteo collaborate to develop a recommendation message function for LINE Official Accounts


Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) is the global commerce media company that enables marketers and media owners to drive better commerce outcomes. Its industry leading Commerce Media Platform connects thousands of marketers and media owners to deliver richer consumer experiences from product discovery to purchase. By powering trusted and impactful advertising, Criteo supports an open internet that encourages discovery, innovation, and choice. For more information, please visit

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