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2023年06月 14日
DAC introduces WISE Ads, a post-cookie ad delivery service

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D.A.Consortium Inc.

DAC introduces WISE Ads, a post-cookie ad delivery service
~Comprehensive support, from next-generation ad delivery to ad effect measurement and analysis~

Tokyo, June 14, 2023 ––– D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) is pleased to announce the launch of WISE Ads, an ad delivery service that does not rely on third-party cookies. WISE Ads is the newest service addition to DAC’s WISE series of post-cookie solutions following the ad effect measurement system WISE Transformer(*1) and the ad effect analysis system WISE Hub(*2). With these, DAC can provide both effective ad deliveries for companies and privacy protection for sei-katsu-sha (a term Hakuhodo uses to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”).

With the rising demand for web-based user privacy protection, countries around the world are formulating laws and regulations related to data gathering and utilization.In addition, companies are placing technical restrictions on browsers and devices. Regulations related to third-party cookies, which are widely used for conventional targeted advertising, are becoming stricter, sparking concerns that the accuracy of targeting, ad effect measurements and ad effect analysis will decline. Companies urgently want alternative technologies and methods that do not rely on third-party cookies while maintaining the quality and quantity of ad delivery to optimize ad effectiveness. In response, DAC is now offering WISE Ads as a comprehensive solution.

WISE Ads features

1. Optimal targeting design that does not rely on third-party cookies

With DAC’s own integrated ID technology AudienceOne ID®︎(*3), which has data on user attributes and interests without using third-party cookies, and with a wealth of both online and offline behavioral and context data from our data partners, WISE Ads makes it possible to set optimal targets in accordance with an ad campaign’s goals. In addition, a pre-set data plan is also available for industry-specific issues.

2. Ad delivery to a whole range of digital touchpoints in people’s daily lives

Through linkages with major ad delivery platforms and SSPs, WISE Ads delivers ads not only to web-based media, but also to SNS, news, video, and audio platforms, metaverse, outdoor and indoor digital signage, and various other digital touchpoints in people’s daily lives. This enables optimal targeting and delivery design that maximizes reach and ad effectiveness.

3. Highly accurate ad effect measurement and ad effect analysis

With connectivity to WISE Transformer, a post-cookie ad effect measurement system, and WISE Hub, an ad effect analysis system, WISE Ads offers highly accurate ad effect measurement and ad effect analysis.

<WISE series connectivity – schematic diagram>

By developing and offering the WISE series of post-cookie era solutions, DAC is promoting the digital transformation (DX) of its client companies through both media DX and marketing DX.

(*1)News release of April 19, 2019:DAC introduces WISE Transformer for first-party data utilization in a post-cookie era
(*2)News release of May 22, 2022:DAC introduces WISE Hub, which analyzes users and ad effect using data clean rooms
(*3)News release of January 14, 2021:DAC creates a new AudienceOne® technology that does not rely on third-party cookies


Corporate Information
D.A.Consortium Inc.
Established in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has led the formation and growth of the digital marketing industry by steadily expanding its operations with the increased digitalization of information and lifestyles.

Utilizing a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital advertising, advanced technological development skills, and strong relationships media companies, platformers and other technology partners, DAC provides global and comprehensive digital marketing services, such as supporting company data utilization, designing promotional initiatives, and developing and constructing marketing systems.

Guided by the mission, “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will continue to be a leader in creating new forms of digital ads and marketing that provide new value to society.

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