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In this digitalizing society, we will keep on challenging ourselves to provide new values.

December 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC).Our company has contributed to form the online advertising market, and has continued to lead its industry since the establishment. In October 2016, in order to achieve further growth, we introduced a new structure and founded a joint holding company, D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc. together with one of our former consolidated subsidiaries, IREP Co., Ltd.
Our company has built relationships with various publishers and ad agencies for over 20 years, and we consider these relationships with our partners an essential asset. As the central core company under our new holding structure, we look forward to deepening our relationships and evolving together with our partners by providing additional values that meet the needs of our customers.
While online advertising remains as our core business, it is our mission to create and provide new reliable services to the digitalized society. The evolution of the digital technology does not stop, and the landscape of the digital business will probably change drastically hereafter. The ever-changing nature of our DNA will make it possible for us to deal with these changes, but we must always be the driving force behind this evolution as well. Bearing this in mind, we are determined to keep on pushing the envelope to open up new possibilities for our digital society.

D.A.Consortium Inc.
President & CEO : Masaya Shimada


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