For utilization of data in "MarketOne®"

This page describes the advertisement through "MarketOne®" (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), the online ad marketplace system, handled by D.A.Consortium Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). This page constitutes a part of the Company's privacy policy and compliments it. The terms used herein conforms to the Company's Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Privacy Policy"). For details on the Privacy Policy, click here.

1.About MarketOne®

The Service is consigned by the Company to be managed by Platform One Inc. (Location of office at 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).
The Service provides the targeted ad scheme utilizing the data of the Internet users to advertisers. The clients of the Service utilize data regarding the Internet users acquired upon their visits to the websites, and also the data acquired through ad delivery from the Service, in order to deliver ads that meet the interests and preferences of the Internet users. This increases the opportunity for Internet users to receive ads that they are interested in or concerned about and reduces the chance of receiving unnecessary ads that they have not much interest in.

2.About Informative Data

The Service acquires "Informative Data" of Internet users. "Informative Data" is information of Internet users such as website browsing history and purchasing history on e-commerce websites that can be accumulated for analysis of users’ interests and preferences.

3.Informative Data items to be acquired, purpose of utilization, and preservation period

The major Informative Data acquired by the Service and the purpose of its use are as follows:

(1) Identifying the unique browser based on the ID written to the cookies (identified on a computer (browser) basis, and not personally identifiable)

(2) Acquiring and analyzing the URLs of the web pages visited by Internet users and information related to the action history (such as clicks on the delivered ads), in order to deliver ads that meet the interests and attributes of Internet users (assuming his/her gender and generation)

(3) Acquiring the IP addresses of Internet users in order to deliver appropriate ads that meet the areas where Internet user lives, or areas where he/she uses Internet, such as on his/her way to workplace, school, or any other places

(4) Acquiring user agents of Internet users in order to gain information regarding the operating system and browser of the computer used by Internet users required to deliver appropriate ads that meet system specifications

(5) Acquiring the date and time Internet users visited the website to deliver ads that meet the visited date and time, to report results of ad delivery to advertisers, and to manage the preservation period of the Informative Data

The preservation period of the Informative Data acquired by the Service is two years from the date the website to which the ads are delivered by the Service is last visited by (the computer (browser) of) any given Internet user.

4.Acquisition method of Informative Data and Opt-out

The Service utilizes a program called a "tag" which is embedded in the website that the Service uses to acquire Informative Data.

If you do not wish to have the ads using the Service to be delivered (those who wish to opt-out), please click the link below. This operation only stops the delivery of targeted ads by the Service and will not stop other ad delivery. Internet users are required to opt out again when they change their browsers, delete cookies, or change computers.

Disable delivery of targeted ads by "MarketOne®"

5.Deletion of cookies

Depending on the computer (browser) used by Internet users, the cookies issued by the Service may be deleted by changing the settings. This also deletes the ID information used to associate the Informative Data acquired by the Service and the browser used by the Internet user, and therefore stops the targeted ad delivery based on past Informative Data. However, this will not stop the delivery of targeted ads. It will start anew with subsequent use of the Internet.

6.Disabling of cookies

Depending on the computer (browser) used by Internet users, cookies may be disabled by changing the settings. However, please note that it may also disable other services on the website, in whole or in part.

7.About providing Informative Data to a third party

Informative Data acquired through the Service shall not be provided to third parties, with the following exceptions:

(1) When required to fulfill legal obligations
(2) When required to protect important benefit such as life, body, health, or property of a consumer whose consent is difficult to obtain

8.Revision of this page

The Company shall continuously examine and improve the information control system. In the process, the content of this page may be revised. The Company shall notify Internet users at an appropriate time depending on the changes, on this website or on other website that the Company manages, or by other means deemed appropriate by the Company. The revision will take effect from a date separately specified by the Company.

9.Security control measures of Informative Data

The Company shall conform to the "Guideline to Behavioral Advertising" set forth by the Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA), and shall take security control measures under strict management and continuously examine the contents and methods of such measures to make corrections and improvements, in order to prevent unauthorized access and leakage, ruination, or damage (including any loss, destruction, or manipulation) when handling Informative Data.

10.Contact for inquiries and complaints

Please contact us at the email below regarding the handling of information provided on this page, or other comments, inquiries, and complaints regarding this homepage.

Established on December 25, 2014

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