FlexOne® APE (Audio)

What is FlexOne® APE (Audio) ?

flexone ape

FlexOne® APE (Audio) is our ad-serving solution specialized in audio advertising which enables publishers to manage audio advertising for increasing audio contents delivering services such as internet-radios and music streamings on any device and application.

Features of FlexOne® APE (Audio)

Meets the international standards for video and audio advertising FlexOne® APE(Audio) uses the IAB standards for video advertising known as VAST [Video Ad Serving Template] and for audio advertising known as DAAST [Digital Audio Ad Service Templete] so FlexOne® APE(Audio) can be used with any player that supports VAST and DAAST.
Serves display advertising simultaneously with audio advertising FlexOne® APE(Audio) delivers display advertising related to audio advertising while users play it. Enables to lead users to landing pages,which could not achieve by serving only an audio advertising until now.
*It can be allowed only with the player available for display advertising.
Advanced targeting capability with audience data FlexOne® APE(Audio) offers multiple targeting parameters including demographic and genre to deliver audio advertising by connecting with DAC's DMP [AudienceOne®] as well.
*AudienceOne® is required for this use.


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