What is MOBILEStats!® ?

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MOBILEStats!® calculates mobile ad placement data based on page and ad unit data from AD-Visor® NEXT. It allows users to analyze advertising data on any mobile device including smartphones regardless of whether the website is endorsed by carriers or not.

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Features of MOBILEStats!®

Helps Unified Planning
on both PC and Mobile
MOBILEStats!® has the same UI as NETStats!®, where DAC has an ad placement database for PC. This program can also conduct research and analysis on both PCs and mobile devices.
Access to Ad Units in Ad Networks For smartphones, MOBILEStats!® distinguishes the ad units in the ad networks and estimates campaign expenditure. It enables access to the ad network's ad units in the campaign and gives detailed ad campaign expenditure information.
Creative Data to Help Production Users can leverage an archive of ad creatives and survey trends according to industry categories and advertisers.


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